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    Whip out your camera phones as two new photo opportunities await. Plus, there is money to be won.

    Paper caperA�sketchbook-pages-handmade-paper-foldout-sRGB
    Learn the art of paper-making at Auroville Papers Companya��s workshop on May 20-21. Start by preparing the fibre which involves harvesting the plants, cooking and beating them to pulp after which they are made into sheets using different techniques. The second day is all about creativity as participants get to use different fibres and colours. Rs 6,000. To register, mail to aurovillepapers@auroville.org.in

    Drawing boardA�ECR-Snip2

    Express your creativity through art from May 12 at DakshinaChitra. A four-day certification course on the basics of drawing by Aakriti Saxena will teach you object drawing, symmetric drawing, 2D designs and more. For ages 10 to 15. Till May 15. Rs 2,500 (including material, conveyance and transportation). Details: 24462435

    Dare to dance?
    Pick up contemporary dance skills at the SFDX Dance Studio at Kamaraj Salai, Pondicherry, where instructor Sathish M will be taking you through the paces. Rs 1,500. Till May 26. 15 years and above. Details: 0413 4201823

    Little fingersA�kit-kat1-300x216
    Master the art of cooking at Sara Koshya��s Junior Chef Workshop. On May 18 (Rs 1,300) learn how to make a quick pizza, camp-style macaroni, Bubble and SqueakA� and other vegetarian dishes, including Kit Kat squares. The following day (Rs 1,400) make cheese muffins and gooey cakes. At Kottivakkam, ECR. Details: 8124145884

    The Promenadea��s Sunday brunch gets a makeover. Savour sushi, seafood, homemade pastas, Indian grills and much more. Conclude the meal with French and Indian desserts like creme caramel and falooda. From 12 pm to 3.30 pm. From Rs 800 plus taxes. Details: 2227750

    Jackpot check
    Herea��s a chance to show off your selfie skills. Take part in VGP Snow Kingdoma��s contest that requires you to upload a video of 20 seconds or less on their Facebook page. The one with the highest number of likes will win Rs 1 lakh. Till June 5. Details: facebook.com/vgpuniversalkingdom While there, also check out the new Click Art Museum (Indiaa��s first 3D trick art museum) comprising 24 two dimensional art pieces that appear three dimensional when you click pictures.


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