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    Celebrating Inde-pendence Day with our Armed Forces at the Wagah Border is just picture perfect for radio and thata��s what Big FM just pulled off. Herea��s a chat I had with presenters Neelesh Mishra (RJ, author, script-writer and storyteller), Prateek (BIG Happy Hours) and Siddharth (one of the top breakfast hosts in the country) who went all the way to the border to interact with our bravehearts.

    Tell us about your day at Wagah.
    Mishra: I have been to Wagah wearing my journalista��s hat, but this trip was absolutely amazing. There were thousands of people assembled there and it was a privilege to perform before them. Our voices could be heard across the border as well and that feeling was magical.
    Prateek: I drove to the Wagah border from Delhi, engaging with people along the way and collecting messages from them for the jawans and the Border Security Force (BSF). We also did two showsa��one with the audience and the BSF together, andA� then a private show for the BSF jawans and their families at the BSF headquarters.

    Learnings from this experience?
    Mishra: I think my personal takeaway was that nationalism and national pride still run deep among Indians. But we need to help channelise it, as communicators, into positive actions and thoughts.
    Prateek: It was an entirely eye-opening experience for me. We usually only talk about these courageous men or listen to their stories, but interacting with them on such a personal note was an incredible experience.

    There should be more such initiatives from
    stations. Your opinion.
    Mishra: Absolutely. Radio is one of the best mediums to reach the masses and impact lives of millions of people across the nation. Such initiatives are important
    Siddharth: Of course. We at 92.7 BIG FM have always tried to live these experiences and bring them live to our listeners. We are a a�?Suno Sunao Life Banaoa�� station and creating sensible, life-enriching content is a part of our DNA.

    Doing it big and with a lot of stylea��that was Big FMa��s contribution on I-Day for the listeners. See you next week.

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    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.


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