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The newly-launched restaurant Karampodi offers interesting Telugu cuisine along with its popular dosa made with ediblegold

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If you are in Telangana and want early non-vegetarian breakfast chances are that you will be disappointed as most of the restaurants offer only vegetarian delights at the morning hours. But the newly-launched restaurant Karampodi at Jubilee Hills offers you a wide platter of non-veg morning delights. Whata��s more you can even sample their Sreemanthudu Dosa which comes topped with 23.5 carat gold. Though gold dosa has been there in the city, this restaurant serves it with five pure edible gold leaves pasted on top of the dosa.

Located opposite Film Nagar Cultural Club, the restaurant Karampodi owners Ajay Kr Ramidi and Shyam Jampala claim, a�?We are the only restaurant in the city that serves authentic non-vegetarian Telugu breakfast. We have sourced the recipes from our grandmothersa�� kitchens.a�?


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Better breakfast
The breakfast at Karampodi starts from 7.30 am. They offer big pooris that can fit in your plate with choices like Yata Mamsum Kura, Kodi Kurma and Kheema Masala. We tried pooris with Kodi Kurma. The chicken was nicely done with condiments balanced. Dosas, too, are meaty affair with filling of Kodi Kurma, Kheema and even a dosa named Teen Maar dosa with chicken filling. We wished the pooris were warmer when those were brought on the table. They have around 15 varieties of idlis. However, you can try Chandrakala Uthappam.
They use karampodi powder for marinating the chicken. This gives a special flavour to the dish. But some names of the dishes can be misleading. Especially Matka Chicken Fry in the starters. It can be good for the weight-watchers as this dish is cooked without oil. The chicken pieces are cooked in a clay pot with hot charcoal below the pot and some kept atop its lid after ita��s sealed with hard dough. For mutton starters you can try Ulavacharu Yata Mamsam Vepudu which is chest part of the goat weighing not more than eight kg. The mutton is marinated and then shallow fried in palm oil. They have varieties of daal preparations with a number of rice dishes.
In the veg section you can try Muttika Koora which is curry- based veg bullets cooked with gravy in which paste of cashewnuts is mixed. But they have more in the chicken section especially Natukodi Pulusu, Natukodi Kura and Kodi Kura. If you want to try typical South style chili flavour try Pandu Mirchi Kodikura in which red chillies are ground to paste and added to the dish. In the biryani section we tried Natu Kodi Biryani (country chicken biryani) cooked in a small clay-pot. The portion is enough for one person.
Thumbs down
One thing disappointing thing here is that the dessert section is more filled with chocolate shakes and ice-creams. For a foodie the almost-empty dessert section might not be tempting if s/he has sweet tooth. However, they can try Bobbatlu Vedipalu, a thick roti filled with boiled ground gram pulses mixed with sugar. You have to dip it in a glass of milk and eat. However, we liked the fresh banana leaves on which the food was served. Price: Starts with `250++ taxes. Time: 7.30 am-11 pm. Details: 65993456
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