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    Neil Nitin Mukesh talks action, fitness routine and why it pays to be the bad guy in cinema

    Neil Nitin Mukesh is thrilled with the massive, high-octane action sequence that wraps up Sooraj Barjatyaa��s Salman Khan starrer, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (PRDP). Set to hit theatres by Diwali, the action scene is directed by Hollywooda��s Greg Prowell. a�?The sword fighting sequence is one-of-a-kind and we havena��t seen action like that on the big screen in some time now,a�? says Mukesh, adding, a�?Ever since I was a kid with my action figure of He-Man and his sword, Ia��ve always wanted to do something like this. Prowell has executed it very well. It was more like a dance actually, with coordinated and graceful movements. After this, I hope to do a really hardcore battle sequence.a�?
    In PRDP, a family drama that sees Khan in a double role, Mukesh essays the role of Ajay Singh, Khana��s younger brother. A prince and a rebel without a cause, he is also the antagonist in the film.

    Testing waters
    The 33-year-old recently bagged the award for Best Actor in a Negative Role at the South Indian International Movie Awards (SIIMA), for AR Murugadossa�� Kaththia��a film thatA� also marked Mukesha��s debut in Tamil cinema. He says Kaththi came at the right time, when hea��d wanted to move out of his comfort zone. a�?I was intimidated because the language and people were new; debuting makes you attentive. The best part about my character in Kaththi was that hea��s not typically a baddie. When you dona��t expect him to do something bad, he does it,a�? shares Mukesh.
    After two stints as a child actor, it was Sriram Raghavana��s 2007 Johnny Gaddaar that saw Mukesh on his official outing as an actor and an antagonist a�� a role that has served him well. a�?Being bad has always been good for me. Except for Players, most of my other baddies are quite situational. I like playing bad guys because ita��s not a very easy job a�� you have to understand the psyche of the character,a�? he shares.
    While negotiations for his Telugu debut, with Bahubalia��s Prabhas are still on, in the pipeline are Wazir with Amitabh Bachchan and his new music single. a�?Initially, everyone was confused about whether Mukesha��s (his grandfather, the renowned playback singer) grandson was making his debut as an actor or a singer. Now that people know I act, Ia��m bringing out a single by the end of this year,a�? he says. He will also been seen in an international party mix with West Indies cricketer, Dwayne Bravo.

    Prem Ratan Dhan Payo releases in November.

    Need to know
    On fitness: My body is my factory, my product. This is what I have to sell. I maintain my diet, but I never say no to milk chocolate. I dona��t endorse artificial help either because you could have a six-pack, but that doesna��t necessarily mean you are fit,a�? says Mukesh. Cardio, he shares, is a must. a�?I train six times a week for two hours daily, with focus on one body part daily. And my cardio isna��t limited to the treadmill. It could be swimming, cyclinga��anything that pushes you,a�? he says. Sunday is his cheat day, and he usually likes to get in some extra hours of sleep, adds Mukesh.

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