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    Thank you, Chennai, for Eight Amazing Years!

    TWO years ago, when Time magazine called millennials the a�?Me, Me, Mea�� Generation in a special issue, we smirked. Reports said these individuals, born between 1980 and 1995, had short attention spans, didna��t get the cold realities of the workplace and wanted a�?instanta�� results. They were called adventurous and thrill-seekers, the latter probably referring to the habit they were developing of climbing tall buildings to take selfies. No matter. For now these millennials are living exactly the way they want to and we could stand to take a few pointers.A job is a a�?life experiencea�� rather than something they stay put in for over three years. They enjoy short term assignments and global projects, make time for themselves and can be very direct about what they like and dona��t like. How liberating, you say? Hotelier Priya Paul is bang on when she admits to us, a�?I envy these millennials!a�?
    Take Shakthisree Gopalan, for instance. The popular Chennai vocalist started out as an architect, turned playback singer for composer A R Rahman, went on to win several awards, and became principal architect for Rahmana��s dream project, the KM Music Conservatory. a�?a�?When asked in college if I would be a singer or an architect, I used to joke that I would build for musicians. Strangely, it has come true. Besides KM, I have just renovated another studio and have done the interiors for a clinic owned by a dentist-cum-rock musician!a��a�� says Gopalan, 27, who is active on Instagram, has clocked 38 film songs, and now wants to take the indie route. Another singer, Sharanya Gopinath,22, tells me she didna��t think twice about her NIFT background and job at e-commerce giant, Myntra, when she turned playback singer for Kamal Haasana��s Uttama Villain, earlier this year. a�?a�?I do not regret it,a��a�� she insists, laughing that a�?a�?jumping into new things impulsivelya��a�� may be the trademark of her generation.
    This week, we mark eight fantastic years at Indulge. Read about 60 such achievers in cinema, art, music, fitness and so on. And elsewhere in this issue, we get you started early on the festive spirit with a sugar-swap experiment, celebrity style manuals and more.
    We thank you for your support and look forward to another year in your company. Enjoy the issue.

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