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    With the many services being rolled out each day, now is a great time to be a consumer in Bengaluru, the countrya��s startup capital. Everywhere you look, someone has been inspired by the entrepreneurial ecosystem. And why not, when we have role models like Bengaluru-based Flipkart and redBus, or the easy acquisition of startups by global internet giants? The young population here is quick to turn ideas into companies, be it food, healthcare or fashion, and bounce back just as fast if the venture fails. Easy access to coworking spaces with networking opportunities and high speed internet have helped their cause. MadRat Games is one such outfit. It is run by husband-wife team Rajat Dhariwal and Madhumita Halder, who create offline games to ensure children grow up calm and wise. The IIT graduates taught sixth-graders at Rishi Valley School over four years, and realised the importance of play and game-based learning. Earlier this year, they designed jigsaw puzzles with an element of discovery and believe the life skills their games offer will help in buzzy Bengaluru. a�?a�?We have fallen in love with the startup culture here and the coworking spaces,a��a�� confirms Dhariwal, promising a�?super suitsa�� with wearable tech next.
    Elsewhere, on HSR Layout, Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama, 24, finds it exhilarating to be surrounded by startups with a a�?a�?shared sense of purposea��a��. Hailing from Darjeeling, she opted for Bengaluru as her base after a course at NIFT here. Just two seasons old, Lama showcased her fluid silk kimonos and dresses, titled Abstinence, at a trade show in Paris this month, and is already retailing in Portugal, New York and Italy. Promoting slow fashion with handmade garments and organic fibres, she says, a�?a�?To love my clothes, a person must interact with them.a��a��
    To mark our fifth anniversary this week, many such entrepreneurs share their inspiring and relevant ideas. And we celebrate all thata��s great about living in this city a�� good weather, good drink, fantastic people. Thanks for reading, Bengaluru.


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