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    Doing two shows on one of India’s biggest radio networks, Big 92.7 FM, is quite a task. RJ Ananthi Iyappan has a blast hosting Suprabatham between 5 am and 7 am and Lubdub between 4 pm and 6 pm—gigs at different ends of the spectrum. One deals with spiritualism and the other about what your heart communicates when it is in love. She presents with ease and it is pleasant to the ears—something that is mandatory on the medium. Excerpts from our chat:

    nladri newHave the last four years been meaningful?
    It has really been a meaningful career for me—from a non-metro RJ to a metro RJ doing two shows that are extremely different from each other. There are certain instances which made me understand the art of ‘stealing someone’s time’. For example, I once got a call from a Sri Lankan Tamil refugee who was leaving Chennai for Sri Lanka on that day. All she wanted was to dedicate a song to her friends here whom she might not meet again. I hope she’ll always remember me when she thinks of her last day in India.

    What would you like changed on radio?
    I’d personally want to shift the focus from movie stars to something more meaningful. Since it is an entertainment medium, we’re trying our level best to bring out the same in a subtle manner, but I hope, one day, radio will undergo a major change when we’ll be able to deliver respectable content.

    Your future plans?
    We’re trying to make some changes so that I’ll be able to concentrate more on Suprabhatham.  If everything goes as planned, I’ll have enough time to read and share the various facts and reasons behind devotion and our culture as a whole. I hope I’ll be able to unearth all this soon and become a point of contact for those who want to know more about culture.
    Catch RJ Ananthi on Suprabatham and Lubdub on Big 92.7 FM, Chennai. I shall catch you next week with more radio talk.

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