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    An exhibition featuring cats to a photowalk in Mahabalipuram, therea��s plenty for the art enthusiast. Plus, a cycle ride and a bamboo workshop.

    Hot wheels
    Fancy a bike ride to Pondicherry? If hitting the tarmac on the ECR never tires you, the upcoming ride hosted by Ironchestridersclub is a must. Participants will flag off from Besant Nagar and head for Pondicherry beach, the final halt. On Sunday, from 6 am onwards. Details: facebook.com/ironchestersclub

    Shutter happy
    Go back in time with the upcoming photowalk in Mahabalipuram. Photography expert, Ramanidharan R, will take you on a tour of the magnificent Pallava architecture in the town. Soak in the sunset, as you capture beautiful images at this half-day event. Tomorrow, from 12 pm onwards. Register for
    Rs 300. Details: 9444728580

    Feline framesBlack cats may be considered a bad omen, but for Nupur Chatterjee felines are grist for creativity. The city-based Shantiniketan graduate is showcasing over 50 mixed-media black-and-white drawings of cats at DakshinaChitra. Till October 30 (except on Tuesdays), from 10 am to 6 pm. Details: 27472603

    Building blocks
    Did you know that a Swiss-French architect created Chandigarha��s master city plan? Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris is also known for the Unite da��habitation in Marseille and the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo. On his 50th death anniversary, Alliance Francaise is showcasing photographs of select buildings of his. From October 21 onwards. Details: pondicherry.afindia.org

    Wood work
    Our ancestors excelled at bamboo architecture. Learn how they did it, at an upcoming workshop. Participants will learn the basics of soil identification and working with bamboo using traditional and modern techniques. At the helm will be experts like
    T Ayappan, Satprem Maini and Lara Davis from Auroville. `15,500. October 24-28. Details: 0413 2622571

    Hit the pedal
    If you miss Ramanidharana��s photowalk tomorrow, herea��s a chance to enjoy another piece of Pallava architecture, the Mahabalipuram Tiger Cave. City-based Reebok-affiliated gym, Fast Track, is conducting a 100-km cycle ride to the popular tourist site. On Sunday, at 5 am. Details: fasttrackgym.com


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