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    WE enjoyed what looks like the last of the lovely weather this week, as the city takes that final turn into, yes, I don’t want to say it, summer. For me the week also included a quick trip to Colombo, resulting in a few new experiences, despite it not being my first visit. I got to meet Yohan Benedict and the team behind The Tea and Herb Company, who as you might imagine, take their teas very seriously. I almost expected a scolding as I sheepishly admitted that I’m more of a coffee drinker. But there was thankfully no judgement there as they took me through their entire range of specialty teas,  some of which were actually quite delicious. My trip also included a little bit of interactive art where I got to be part of creating a paint drip sculpture, resulting in a stunning piece of art (if I may say so myself).FullSizeRender (2)
    Back in Chennai, everyone was out and about on Sunday at the SuperChef Carnival at Amir Mahal, in a lead up to the annual SuperChef event. The fourth edition of the fundraiser has seen lots of support from movie stars. The carnival had a great turnout, with Chennai’s food lovers packing several bags to take home. There were Korean and Malay staples, and apple pie, but the biryani from the kitchens of the Nawab of Arcot had the longest lines. As did the waffles from the Belgian Waf O’ Bel. Meanwhile, at the regal Kingsley, jeweller and entrepreneur S Ahalya and hotelier and dancer Krithika Subrahmanian (Svatma) had a unique Spring Ball that saw the ladies turn up in their favourite saris and dinner served in tasting portions. After Veena artiste Jayanthi Kumaresh’s recital, guests signed up for sari draping sessions. And let’s not forget the biggest birthday party of them all — Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th. Bharat Joshi, British Deputy High Commissioner Chennai was a great host, as always, with song, dance and a tasty buffet.

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