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Wonderla, the new theme park in the city, promises Recoil, Wonder Splash, Equinox and more such adventure games

Unwanted honks, toxic exhaust from autos, traffic woes and the pressure to be on par with the trending rat race has got on to every Hyderabadia��s nerves. There are umpteen number of getaways in and around the city but nothing can quench the thirst of adventure in both water and land. The newly launched Wonderla in Hyderabad is taking the timeline of city Facebookers by storm as pictures on how enthralling and exciting the place is.
It is not even a month of its launch and it has more than 10,000 visitors a day and summer holidays too supporting it right now. “This amusement park has been quite a known name, but it is for the first time that we have landed in the city to redefine interactive fun and I am sure we will be the hot favourite in no time,” says Arun K Chittilappilly, Managing Director, Wonderla.
Spread across 50 acres at the Exit no 13, ORR, and built in a record 15 months of time, the amusement park offers an array of 43 rides, 25 on the land and 18 water-based.
It is the third such facility established by Bengaluru-based Wonderla Holidays. The Bengaluru and Kochi branches has been popular for the past decade. “All the three branches have Indiaa��s first space-themed a�?Flying Theatre Experience,” adds Chittilappilly.

The attractions one shouldna��t miss out at Wonderla Hyderabad are the following:

It is Indiaa��s first reverse looping roller coaster which will give a whole new experience of thrill. This high tech roller coaster is imported from the Netherlands, and has two track ramps that go up to 40 meters (think 11 storey building). The train climbs one ramp and accelerates to about 80 kmph in 1 second, before encountering a a�?cobra rolla�� and a a�?loopa�� in the tracks, climbing the second ramp, again to a 40 m height, and then doing it all over all again, only this time, backwards.

Wonder Splash:
This thrilling water slide attraction, A� a version of roller coaster and has two vehicles running simultaneously each having capacity of 11 people, goes to a height of 12m by means of electro mechanical drive and falls to the pool making a big splash. Lap locks and belts are provided to ensure passenger safety. This ride covers an area of 75m x 20m and includes a waterfall.
This is a high thrill ride with a capacity of 24 seats. The seating platform will rotate 360 degreesA�in the vertical axis at the same time it will have a swing of 120 degreesA�like a pendulumA�which will give a whole new experience of thrill.
Wave Pools:
This is an artificial sea with waves. There are two wave pools. The area of the pool is around 1400m2. Around 800 people can enjoy at a time. A maximum of 11 shows can be done in a day and the duration of each show is 20 minutes. Water depth increases from zero to 1.5m.

Five-themed restaurants :
The other facilities at the 50-acre park includes 1,500 unit capacity car park, 2,500 electronically controlled lockers and changing rooms, five themed restaurants and food courts with seating capacity of 1,200 people at any point in time, eight merchandise shopping areas and a number of ATMs. It also has a multipurpose hall fitted with the latest light and sound systems. The park has a team of 700 dedicated and experienced staff, courteous and highly trained lifeguards, ride attendants and security personnels.
The ambience in the park has been carefully designed keeping the weather patterns of Hyderabad in mind. The park will be comfortable even in summer as there are shaded areas.
Eco Friendly Amusement:
The park is committed to reducing its environmental impact, observes stringent measures to maintain a clean and pollution-free operation, says the management. In line with its philosophy, it is said to generate over 1MW of solar power from the panels used in the large car park area. This will reduce peak electricity load of the park. The park also features rainwater harvesting system that will collect over 1crore liters of rain water, enabling the park to run without any external water for up to a month. Price: `600 per head Details: 9100063636

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