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Our lifestyle here gives us more appetite for activities during weekends with family and friends than abroad

Ia��ve always wondered why weekends seem so much shorter than weekdays. Of course, we know that when we do what we love, time flies. I am comparingA�various weekend notes of that in India and abroad.A�Firstly, no matter what each one does, it is unlimited fun for those thatA�live here versus those abroad. I say this confidently as I have tasted both lifestyles.
My weekends in HyderabadA�are full of unplanned activity – fromA�movies, visits to homes of my buddies and aunts; impromptu dinners at restaurants etc. I know my friend who drives home on a Saturday evening for over 40 km and still has the enthusiasm to take his family to watch a late evening show at Inorbit Mall, which is in another part of the city.A�There is shopping, elaborate SundayA�cookingA�and and a quick napA�in the afternoons too. We do all of this and most importantly are spirited to accommodate a lot more life through the week.
In contrast is the life in the US where I am currently holidaying. Their uppermost limit for fun is staying up at a DiwaliA�party till midnight, comingA�back home tired and passingA�out the next day because they are exhausted. Now how can anyone get tired of having fun?A�Besides, their weeks are fully planned and structured, unlike the chaos here. People thereA�stick to traffic rules and time, quite differentA�from theA�unexpected chaos that happens here. Inspite of all the glorious plansA�there is boredom, fatigueA�and mid-life crisis that sets in to most married IndianA�couples. Or should we say because of this?A�All this in a land of opportunity? Apologies if the truth is not sweet, but justA�a point to ponder.
Surprisingly, people move back here and fall into the rhythm of Hyderabada��s spontaneity in no time. To me it always felt more natural to go with the flow of life rather than try to make it perfect.A�So dear all, before we crib that summer vacation will get over soon, remember that we have weekends to make life colourful and fun. The truth about us is that we have weekdays too if that is not enough because life itself is full of life here. Ain’t it?

-Swapna Sundari

(The writer is a popular TV show host, radio jockey, professional singer… and most importantly, a hardcore Hyderabadi)


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