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Daniel Fernandes Live will be a refreshing change in these days of breaking news and internet shaking videos

Facing ‘mundane news fatigue’ due to virtual media and idiot box? Then time to get your current affairs with a dose of fun and sarcasm from the master of dark and surreal standup comedian. Daniel Fernandes Live at Hotel Marriott and organised by Hyderabadass Comedy Club this weekend is sure to stimulate the brain cells and crack you up at the same time.
Daniel’s stint with comedy began when he tried stand-up on an impulse in January 2011 while pursuing MBA at SIMC Pune. “I’ve been on stage since I was six. Eventually it became something I was comfortable with. When I started experimenting with comedy and it seemed like a viable career, I decided to take the leap. I have always dreamt of a career like this. Now I wake up every morning feeling grateful that I get to do this,” Daniel shares with a smile. He confesses to having different role models for different reasons and seasons. “John Oliver for his ability to take mundane topics and turn them into comedy gold on his show ‘Last week tonight’; Kevin Hart for successfully turning the touring model on its head and building a huge brand for himself; Anthony Jeselnik – for his ability to write some of the best dark jokes, Trevor Noah – for his journey from an unknown comic from South Africa to becoming the host of ‚The Daily Show,” he reasons.
August 27 is surely going to be a memorable day for both Daniel and Hyderabadis. “This weekend’s the perfect show if you‘ve watched me on YouTube and been wanting to see me perform live. This one‘s about my journey as a comedian in the last five years and is a mix of observational and slightly political humour with lots of crowd work (something that I enjoy a lot),” he informs. And his favourite topic is? Taboo.
Daniel feels that Hyderabad comedy scene now is where Mumbai was five years ago. “The city needs a system where established professionals perform here regularly and the newer comics get a chance to either perform with them or watch and learn. Then at some point the local guys need to travel to other cities to perform and then eventually one will have a roster of homegrown comedians doing well for themselves,” he concludes with confidence.
Ticket: Rs 499. Details bookmyshow.com

— Purnima Sriram


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