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    Doodle your way to a focused mind with this workshop

    Tired of seeing your kids play games on their iPad? Worried about young minds drifting away and not having enough focus? Herea��s a fun event that helps in building focus and buys some time away from the lit screens. Lahe Lahe, a cultural and artistic platform, is hosting a DIY Zentangle and Mandala workshop for kids above age eight. Zentangle (Zen meaning peace, Tangle meaning patterns), is an art form that has proven to be relaxing and helps facilitate shifts in focus and perspective. a�?A lot of people do art because they end up doodling as a stress buster. They dona��t realise ita��s an art form,a�? says Mansee Thard, co-founder of Lahe Lahe. a�?Zentangle is more therapeutic without people realising it. Ita��s not just an art form but there is a science attached to it. We want to get that out to people and have them experience it,a�? she adds.
    Teaching art can be harder than creating art, but Nithya Rao, the artist who is organising this workshop is going to take it on a one-on-one level to help get through to all the participants.
    Mandala art that originated in India is a bit more complicated than Zentangle. Thard says that the workshop will be basic and focus on the use of acrylics. a�?Participants can learn about basic techniques, find a footing and see if the art forms resonate with them,a�? she shares.

    May 28. At Indiranagar. 4.30 – 6 pm. Tickets Rs 500 on eventshigh.com

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