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    Gear up for a laugh riot as the Pundits are back with their latest

    Welcome the Independence weekend with some cynicism and lots of laughter with city-based standup group, The Pundits (an arm of Crea Shakthi). Featuring regulars Murali Satagopan and Vikash Paul—along with Aravind Radhakrishnan, Mihir Kaushik and Abhishek Kumar, the best from their monthly open mic platform, Please Stand Up—the group is back after a hiatus for a show based on “freedom, our need for it and the apparent lack of it”. We speak to them about comedy, their upcoming show and more.
    Murali Satagopan: An entrepreneur at the helm of Brigge, a social networking app, and a former IT slave, Satagopan is glad to have survived the rut. “Sometimes the comedian in me cries to do something more, but it’s hard to write quality content when you are short on time,” says the 27-year-old.
    One quality Indians are losing?
    Patience, because nothing seems better than yelling at a fellow Indian.
    Aravind Radhakrishnan: He has performed with the likes of Chennai Comedy and Evam Standup Tamasha. “I make my wittiest jokes with a straight face. While it has cost me friends, the ones I have will stick around,” says the 27-year-old chartered accountant.
    Which movie would you ban/cut?
    All Salman Khan movies because they are worse than adult films, with no story line!
    Vikash Paul: As a Bengali boy settled in Chennai, Paul’s routine will see him explore the dichotomies of his life. His double life as an accountant and comedian isn’t a bed of roses. “My parents think CA means big words like tax, seminar and lectures. Not a joke, literally,” says the 30-year-old.
    The most serious thing you’ve done?
    CA. The only figures we see are on the balance sheet.
    August 12, at 8 pm, The Music Academy. `300. Details: in.bookmyshow.com

    —Lavanya Lakshminarayanan


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