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    From our autorickshaws to jokes on his wife, Amit Tandon will tackle it all

    The Married Guy is in town. Delhi-based comedian Amit Tandon, popularly known by the funny title, explains, a�?Most of my material comes from my family, so I decided to stick with the name.a�? Married and with two kids, his wife regularly features in his jokes, a�?Initially, she had a problem but now she knows these jokes earn me money,a�? smiles Tandon, who is in town with his first public stand-up show (earlier he had done a couple of private shows here, for banks like Standard Chartered).
    The IIT graduate from Delhi was heading his own HR consultancy firm, Empyrean Partners, when the humdrum of life got to him. In 2010, he decided he a�?wanted to do something refreshing, meet new people, tell funny storiesa�? and he felt stand-up was the way to go. He started with open-mic gigs and now he has more than 500 showsa��mostly in India, Dubai and Singaporea��to his credit. When quizzed how an engineering graduate got into the laughter business, he replies, a�?As an engineering student, I was taught to think logically. The same thing applies here, too. I have to think logically about the happenings around me and how that is going to make people laugh.a�?
    Tandon says people and their quirks are his biggest inspirations. So who tickles his funny bone? Anuvab Pal, Aditi Mittal, Bill Burr and Louis CK are his personal favourites. At Just for Laughs, hosted by Evam Standup Tamasha, you can expect him to take a dig at autorickshaws, formally dressed women and relationships. a�?Dona��t worry. People can sit in the first row. I wona��t pick on them,a�? he concludes.
    Today, at High, The Raintree
    Anna Salai, from 8 pm. Rs 750.
    Details: 919884429593
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