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Nari Shakti Puraskar awardee and stand-up comedienne Vasu Primlani goes to town with demonetisation.

From inspiring many young women to becoming one of the best stand-up comediennes in the country, Delhi-based Vasu Primlani, a former faculty member of IIT Delhi, now has our attention with her video on demonetisation that has gone viral with more than 20,000 hits. The 43-year-old comedian, motivational speaker and activist, is currently training for the Ironman Triathlon and will be back on stage at the final act by East India Comedy on December 16. Here, the Nari Shakti Puraskar winner talks to us about what to expect and her other interests.

Having done stand-up comedy for eight years now, what has drawn you to this genre?
Live stand-up comedy is different from even writing comedy. It is probably three times harder to first write the jokes and then perform in front of an audience. Public speaking is considered greater than the fear of death, and there are situations where you just need to come up with some jokes spontaneously, which makes it even more challenging. These factors excite me.

Is there a side to you that is not seen on stage?

Well, I am a somatic therapist and work with the most severe cases: of ADHD, Autism, rape survivors, child sexual abuse survivors, depression and abandonment. I lived and worked in the US for 17 years, and founded and ran one of the most innovative and effective non-profits
in America.

What can the crowd expect from you this time?
I went birdwatching at the Ananthagiri hills with some friends. Now, I have a set on birdwatchers. Also, a new set up about demonetisation and transportation. Apart from this, I will also be talking about how hard it is to be Indian-American, and communication problems when I came back from the US. At the Masala Mayhem Comedy Festival at Heart Cup Coffee, from December 10 onwards. Tickets: Rs 199 onwards. Details:in.bookmyshow.com

On Donald Trump
Fidel Castro achieved his goal. He said that by the time he died, he would see America destroyed.

On banning porn in India
Isnai??i??t it strange that porn was banned in India, but was being viewed in Parliament?

How to get singulair without prescription On Delhi smog
Thanks to the smog, I quit smoking. Now I smoke 90 cigarettes a day for free.

On black money
Demonetisation is a noun, but it has become a new product developed for the government of India to convert black money into white, using fair and lovely. Also called unfair and ugly.

ai??i?? Nishad Neelambaran


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