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    What to expect at a Saturday session of animal stories

    Animals will be the talking point at Storywallahsa�� session, 4-Legged Stories at Atta Galatta tomorrow. Navnita Kedar and Arun KG from the startup, which specialises in storytelling trainings for children, teachers and business professionals, will regale children with tales of lions, cats, mice, crocodiles and more. In the past, their co-facilitators have narrated folktales on topics such as magic, good versus evil, and even turned the oft-heard a�?howa�� and a�?whya�� questions into stories.
    Kedar explains her choice of topic, a�?Most childrena��s books and cartoons revolve around animals. Thata��s because children simply love animals. They dona��t see them as a�?othersa�� as adults often do. They also relate to the innocence of young animals. Even adults will find these tales relevant.a�?
    At the gathering of children, for kids aged four and above (including adults), the duo will enact four folktales, each punctuated by an animal-centric song or a riddle to keep the session fun.
    Kedar shares what she has in store, a�?My first story is about a hungry lion who eats up a minister in his kingdom. Now, the other animals are apprehensive about applying for the position! The second one is about a cat and a mouse. We have known them as enemies, but there was a time when they were friends. a�?What changed this relationship?a�� is what the story is about.a�? Kumar, on the other hand, will speak about a mouse who aspires to be a cat, and a baby monkey who decides to break the fast of the elderly in his clan.
    And what lessons will children get to take away from them, we ask Kedar? a�?We dona��t know. Every child sees an animal, its stories, or other stories, in general, differently. While our stories talk about being honest, faithful, and clever, we keep our sessions open-ended and let children pick up what they wish to. They are smart enough.a�? June 25. Entry free. At Koramangala. 5 pm onwards. Details: 9632510126

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