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    The Dunbara��s number is commonly cited as the optimal number (150) of meaningful social relationships you maintain at a given point of time. How do you suppose this number scores for our cuddly canine friends? Enter Petcialize, an enterprise that began when a man approached Rohit Koliyot, a consultant for small and medium enterprises, to exchange numbers so the formera��s timid dog could meet other dogs. a�?People do it on a small scale – taking their dogs to a friendsa�� house. But I decided to organise events for pets and owners on a larger scale,a�? says Koliyot, the founder of Petcialize.
    The first event took place on September 1 at Sandya��s Chocolate Laboratory in Nungambakkam and was a success with over 20 dogs participating and over 15 on standby in case of a drop out. Niveditha Kumar, a certified dog behaviour expert, will be on board at the next event, to judge the temperament of the pooches before letting them sign up. Koliyot plans on making this a monthly affair and believes this is a great way for owners to network with the eventual goal of growing as an organisation. These meets will be informal and unstructured in a no stress environment where owners can enjoy a day out with a book, some coffee and their pet, or if they are more rambunctious, play catch or perhaps even take a swim.
    Petcialize is initially looking to put together a database with details of animals and owners, and from this, customise events based on a series of factors such as animal species, location, or even shared interests of owners or pets. Details: 9840104825
    Anjana Palepu


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