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    Hindustani music meets Creole beats in the latest concert to come to town

    It was 2001. Debashish Bhatta-charya was playing his slide guitar at a world music festival in Quebec, Canada, when he met RenA� Lacaille, a musician from the RA�union Island. a�?His music was pure, just simple melodies that were a mix of African and Malagasy folk,a�? says Bhattacharya, recalling how, as they were living in the same hotel, the musicians bonded over music and fooda��with jam sessions and Lacaillea��s Creole curry.r.lacaille@willy-vainqueur+
    Since then, theya��ve played at several concerts around the globe. a�?Indian rhythm goes well with Creole music and Ia��ve always wanted to bring RenA� down. Finally, I got a chance this year,a�? he says.

    After performing at the annual India International Guitar Festival, which Bhattacharya curates in Kolkata, the quinteta��including son Marco Lacaille (singer, bass) and Subashish Bhattacharya (tabla)a��are touring the country, and will perform in the city on Monday. a�?I love coming to Chennai. It’s a very welcoming city and a lot of my music friends live here,a�? says the guitarist, adding audiences can look forward to both solo and fusion sets. a�?We will present Hindustani music, with classics like Koyaliya kook sunave, while Rene and Marco will present Creole songs, like Andio, a favourite of mine. Besides Renea��s accordion and our instruments, you can also expect to listen to the ukulele, djembe and the Creole shaker,a�? he adds. With every song introduced in Englisha��the Creole lyrics are simple, talking about living a good life or a farmer selling fruits in the marketa��Bhattacharya says that the music a�?with a rhythmic group that is neither three or four, but has a special swing to it, will set the stage on firea�?.

    January 18, at 7 pm, at the Alliance FranA�aise. Free passes on eventjini.com
    a��Surya Praphulla Kumar


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