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Indie rock band Lagori promises to put a smile back with their ‘Happy’ genre while in the city

The thought of combining rock music with the traditional Indian folk music made Geeth Vaz, Vinyl Kumar and Edward Rasquinha expand their rock band – Fahrenheit into Lagori along with Shalini Mohan and Tejas Shankar.
The five member band has Geeth (28) and Edward (28) on guitar, Vinyl (28) on the drums, Shalini (31) on bass guitar and Tejas (28) on vocals. Lagori would be in the city as a part of the Red Bull Tour Bus and would be performing at the Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology, Gandipet.
Visiting Hyderabad for the seventh time, Lagori members are excited to perform in front of their audience and also reslish the famed biriyani. a�?We love performing in Hyderabad as they’re a great audience who love to have a ball. So coming back to them is super exciting. Also, the biryani. We love it,a�? said Tejas.
The Bengaluru-based band categorises itself under the a�?Happya�� genre. About the name, they said, a�?We like tagging ourselves under our own genre, called the ‘Happy’ genre. Because our ultimate aim is to spread happiness through our music. Try and put a wide smile on the faces out there, through our Indian rock laden sounds.a�?
Apart from their happy, soulful and energetic music, Lagori rose to fame after performing in the middle of Brigade Road in Bengaluru during the busiest hour. Speaking about the important pit stop in their journey so far, they said, a�?There are a lot of moments and breakthroughs which have gotten us to this stage. But performing in Brigade Road on top of a showroom during peak hour traffic that put us on the map where thousands of random bystanders sang our songs.a�?
Lagori is known for its eclectic style of mixing Indian folk with rock influences. Emphasising on how each member adds their own quotient to their songs, Tejas Shankar said, a�?Our mix is a bit different from the convenient method or mix, because all our musical styles have been influenced by completely different genres. If Vinyl (drummer) and Geeth (guitarist) bring in the heavy classic rock element, Shalini (bassist) brings in her funk influences, whilst Edward (guitarist) brings in his country music influences and me (Tejas) on the vocals try to fuse all these influences with my Indian classical or tonal influences.a�?
The audience in the city can surely expect Lagori to perform their top tracks like Ni-Re-Sa, 30-60-90 and of course Boom Shankar.
a�?Along with the singles, we have a big collaboration surprise for our fans which will be revealed soon,a�? they concluded.
For final date (tentative March 22) and ticket details log on to www.redbull.com
a�� Nishad Neelambaran



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