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    Actor Kreshna Kulasekaran talks about his upcoming movies, the horror genre and his new passion.

    ACTOR Krishna Kulasekaran is a busy man. The Yamirukku Bhayame star has Graghanam and Vizhithiru slated to release in the first half of 2016, while he is currently working on Yaakkai and Pandigai. The actora��s equity has been steadily rising at the box office, but not many know that he was a child actor Mani Ratnama��s Anjali.
    a�?Like all actors, I too have had my share of barriers to overcome despite coming from a film background. My first lead role in Ali Baba, though critically acclaimed, didna��t do well at the box office. Yamirukku Bhayame was probably the biggest movie of my career till date,a�? says the brother of director Vishuvardhan and son of producer KK Sekar.
    The right choice
    Yamirukku Bhayame (2014)was a horror-comedy directed by debutant Deekay. a�?I was approached by Deekay after many stars refused to take the role. The genre was new to the industry and to me. But after a few discussions with Deekay, I was quite convinced.a�? Kulasekarana��s calculations proved right when Yamirukku Bhayame went on to become one of the biggest hits of 2014.
    Talking about horror films and their popularity in Tamil films, Kulasekaran says that he is petrified by the a�?scary ladiesa�� who play ghosts. The irony is not lost on us when he shares, a�?I havena��t seen any horror films. I saw Yamirukku Bhayame only after Deekay compelled me to.a�?

    Whata��s next
    InA�Yaakkai and Pandigai, the 38-year-old actor is playing a romantic hero and a street fighter respectively. a�?I want to experiment with different genres and reinvent myself with each project. I believe that an actor has to be flexible and be able to mould himself in any role. I would like to be a directora��s actor. I have always been in awe of directors and their ability to understand every aspect of films. I tried to make films, but feel that I have a long way to go before I am capableA�of taking on the captaincy.a�?
    Kulasekaran is focussed on working, but when he is not acting, he hits the streets. His new-found passion for long distance running, he says, has helped him stay fit. His routine starts very early in the morning and he is very keen on completing a 50k run by the end of the year.

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