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Shella��s newest concept car, Project M, champions clean combustion and greater fuel efficiency.

THERE is probably no other way to describe Gordon Murray than to call him pure genius. He was highly instrumental in McLarena��s glory days in Formula 1, before going on to design the McLaren F1 supercar. His endeavours also led to the creation of the environmental-friendly fuel efficient car, T25.
If you think that Shella��s new ultra-efficient concept cara��which gives 38 km per litrea��looks rather similar to the T25, then youa��re right. It is. Around a year ago, Murray teamed up with engine specialist, Osamu Goto, and Shell to come up with Project Ma��a car design that was not only super efficient in operation but also in design.
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The resulting concept is what Shell unveiled last weeka��a 660cc, three-cylinder petrol engine powered small car with centralised driver seating. Shell has also thrown in a specially-designed lubricant and painted the car white, red and yellow (the colours of its logo). The car has adopted the iStream process of manufacturing, which first appeared on a Yamaha concept car, and uses carbon fibre to not only make it lighter, but also to cut down on the cost while not compromising on the strength. With material and energy usage reduced by 69 per cent, the concept car is not just a showcase of the oil companya��s commitment towards cleaner conventional powerplants, but also a testament to the iStream process, which could dictate the future of how cars are manufactured.A� This little concept car could be the cusp of a revolution in which the body, powertrain and oils are all designed to work with each other at every stage.
Details: shell.com

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