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A� Goodyeara��sA� newest tyre, BHO3, is capable of generating its own electricity

Technology is going to change the way we drive. In fact, it is progressing at such a rapid pace that we werena��t even taken aback by the new tyre design from Goodyear. The popular tyre manufacturer is working on a path-breaking concept that will make tyres more than what they were originally designed for. Code named BHO3, the unique concept is capable of converting the heat generated while moving into electrical energya��the perfect fit for electric vehicles. The ultra-black tread is built to absorb heat through friction while moving, or even when in an open parking space in the sun.
Tyre tweeting
The tyre is lined with a thermo/piezoelectric material fitted in a fishnet pattern, which is capable of converting heat into electric charges. The fishnet structure also adds to the much-needed structural support of the tyrea��making it rather robust. While the BHO3 is still in its concept stage, it does point towards a trend we can expect to see from cars in the future. Clean, efficient and more than just the rubber that gets you around, we wouldna��t be surprised if your tyre starts sending you tweets on its status as well.

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