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    LeEco Bike
    LeEco Bike LeEcoai??i??s upcoming bike runs on Android, comes with a 4-inch screen and logs your rides as well as helps you navigate. The bike also tracks fitness metrics, tracking via GPS and plays music. Price TBA. us.lemall.com

    Misfit Vapor
    The Vapor is a really smart watch that streams music and measures GPS straight from the wrist (no phone required). It also tracks your runs in real time and measures heart rate accurately. Itai??i??s also swim ready. Most importantly, the watch looks great. Coming soon. Misfit.com

    Sennheiser 3D earphones
    These earphones employ binaural audio recording to make 3D audio, which in turn aims to combine with video you record from your iPhone to provide a surreal, enveloping audio+video experience. Available late 2017. sennheiser.com

    sandiskSandisk 256 GB
    Sandiskai??i??s new 256GB MicroSD card is rated A1, and is optimised for apps, allowing you to load apps onto it and launch them directly. sandisk.com

    Vinci Smart headphones
    Vinci manages to incorporate a mobile assistant, noise cancelling, 3D audio, Bluetooth, GPS, Hi-res audio, local storage, Wi-Fi, 3G and wireless charging. Are these the smartest headphones around? Weai??i??ll know when they ship in April 2017. en.vinci.im

    Ricoh R Order zestril 10
    Ricohai??i??s new camera will live stream for upto 24 hours in 360 degrees. The entire kit will contain camera, stand, SDK and imaging tools. Great idea for events, concerts, parties etc. Available late 2017. ricoh.com

    Beoplay M5
    Bang & Olufsenai??i??s M5s can operate as a single or multi-room connected speakers. Connectivity includes BT, Airplay, Chromecast and B&Oai??i??s Beolink multi-room. Multiple tweeters, drivers and woofers are configured perfectly to provide beautiful and balanced sound all around. beoplay.com


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