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It’s just January and my favourite product of the year is already here. Meet the A1E, Sony’s OLED Bravia TV, which looks outstanding from any angle, projects sound from in-built speakers on the screen, and has a folding kickstand tucked away with a subwoofer. Time for a new TV. Coming soon in sizes upto 75 inches. Sony.com

Razer Project Valerie

The world’s first triple display laptop is made to be a killer gaming machine and will appeal to gamers and game developers alike. All three displays are 4K resolution and 17.3 inches in size. Powered by NVIDIA, a surround view is possible with a 11520 x 2160 resolution, for a wider view of a race track or a battlefield. Razerzone.com. Coming soon


2017 is all about AI and personal assistants. The ELLIQ is designed as a companion for older adults, and helps keep them active and engaged. Elliq suggests and connects to music, audiobooks, social media, video chats and online games. Utilising machine learning, Elliq gets proactive and can also monitor wellness and home environment. Coming soon. intuitionrobotics.com

Samsung H7 wireless

The upcoming H7 utilises UHQ tech to upgrade incoming audio to an incredible 32 bit output, resulting in natural, lifelike audio, regardless of the source. News.samsung.com

Bentley Continental SS

Bentley’s newest may just be its fastest, with a top speed of 340kph and 0-100kph in 3.4 seconds. The Supersport blasts 700 bhp through a 12-cylinder engine. Only a limited number of these will be made, so good luck getting one for your stable. Bentleymotors.com

Motiv Ring

How about a ring to effortlessly track all your activity, sleep and heart rate? Motiv does just that and can be worn as minimal chic, keeping it simple. Mymotiv.com available soon in gray and gold.

Roli Seaboard

RISE Meet the keyboard of the future, where sound can be “shaped” through touch. Offering multiple dimensions of touch (strike, press, glide, slide and lift ), you get an entirely new way of expressing your music. Designed for music on the go. roli.com

Kuri Robot


Kuri is a loyal home robot with a personality. This bot can move around your home avoiding obstacles, learn your daily schedule and enhance your quality of life. It can also monitor your home via cameras, recognise faces, listen and respond to commands. Not content? Kuri can play your music, tell your kids bedtime stories and connect to your entertainment hub. Pre-order now. heykuri.com


– Ashok pandian


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