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    LG Photo Printer
    LGai??i??s pocket printer (pictured above) lets you print your own photos anytime, anywhere. It works via Bluetooth and NFC and uses Zink (zero ink). Compatible with iOS and Android. lg.com

    mp3Fiio M3
    Fiioai??i??s M3 is a fantastic media player that lets you listen to highquality lossless audio (hi-res audio at a super price point.) Armed with a DAC and support for 24-bit audio, thereai??i??s a whopping difference in the quality of detail between this and your usual mp3 player/smartphone. Music sounds full, natural, and immersive and fine details can be individually enjoyed. Great deal. fiio.co.in

    Tesla S 100 D
    Built for long-range driving, the S 100D from Tesla can run up to 540 km on a single battery charge, while also managing to look super stylish. tesla.com

    bethumeDe Bethune DB25L
    De Bethune make exquisite watches with an incredible level of quality and fine finish. The DB25L in blue is one-of-a-kind with a moon phase indicator, hand-wound movement and a star studded sky in flame-blue steel, with yellow gold stars. To make the deal even sweeter, it comes with a power reserve on the rear to boot. Case in gold with an alligator strap. Horology at its finest. debethune.ch

    Ikea Sladda
    Sladda is a cool minimalist bicycle made by Ikea and comes with a lightweight yet sturdy frame and a rustproof belt drive designed to last. ikea.com

    pentaxPentax KP
    Legendary Pentax has a new cracker of a camera in the KP. Sporting an APS-C 24.3MP CMOS sensor and super-high ISO of upto 8,19,200, this beauty takes unbelievable images. Itai??i??s also conveniently compact and allows you to shoot in near-dark conditions. ricoh-imaging.com

    Lofree keyboard
    Inspired by typewriters, the Lofree Keyboard provides a classic look and a contemporary feel. You can choose between wired or wireless connect and pair upto three devices simultaneously. Available in multiple colours with multiple backlight settings. Coming soon. Price TBA. lofree.co

    Prograf cost uk htcHTC U Ultra
    HTCai??i??s upcoming U Ultra is a 5.7 inch device with a Quad HD resolution and an independent mini second screen above the main one for notifications and shortcuts. Thereai??i??s 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage, along with a USB C port, fingerprint scanner, 12 ultrapixel camera, Android 7.0 and an always ON assistant listening to your needs. Coming soon. htc.com/us

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