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    Koenigsegg Concept Bike Treatment+of+gynecomastia+from+casodex
    Swedish carmaker Koenigsegg makes the most outrageous and cool super-cars. Russian designer Maxim Burov has envisioned how a Koenigsegg bike would look like. Hopefully, a prototype is not too far away.

    robot-baristaCafe X Robot Barista
    Get ready for a bizarre future with this Bot which will prepare and provide you with the ai???perfect coffeeai??i??. It plays its role precisely conjuring up a coffee with fresh ingredients and smart robotics. Now the big question is, do we humans even have a role in the future? cafexapp.com

    alpineAlpina Seastrong Smartwatch
    Running on a MMT connected movement, the Seastrong Horological diver tracks activity, and sleep, gives notifications and also goes diving with you. The four year battery life is an added advantage. alpinawatches.com

    sog-batonSOG Baton Q2
    The Baton is a super tough multi-utility tool which packs in a bright LED flash-light, a bottle opener, flat screwdriver and straight blade all in one product. sogknives.com

    glassVuarnet Cable Car
    Vuarnet is a high quality eye-wear maker with exceptional finishing. The Cable Car is a super cool model with brilliant lens colours and a design that suits all. Made in France. vuarnet.com

    Oregon Scientific Air Monitor
    This pocket air sensor enables real-time monitoring of both indoor and outdoor air conditions. It measure PM 2.5 values, temperature, humidity and VOC (volatile organic compound) presence and even connects to a smartphone for reference. store.oregonscientific.com

    phoneALO Phone
    This concept phone features no screen or buttons, being a voice-activated-gadget. Its sleek, translucent body is ergonomic and gives us a glimpse at future phone appearance. The phoneai??i??s camera acts as a projector for messages, videos and holograms. The material is self-healing and provides haptics via heat and vibrations. jeromeolivet.com

    Aura Power Suit
    The SuperFlex Aura powered suit is a blessing for an ageing population with mobility issues. Designed by Fuse project, the suit aims to aid movement without being uncomfortable and bulky, thereby aiding the elderly who struggle with muscle movement. fuseproject.com for more details.


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