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    Caavo Box

    Caavoai??i??s streaming box aims to unify all formats of video and audio through one device. Sporting eight HDMI ports, it has software to auto recognise and configure with any portable device you plug in ( Apple TV, Chromecast, cable box, USB, live TV, apps, etc) and works with your existing remotes. caavo.com Pre-order now


    Pagani Huayra Roadster

    Only 100 of these Roadsters will be built by Pagani, and theyai??i??re probably all sold already. However, they make a compelling reason for what a supercar should look and feel like. With a mixture of new-age materials in construction and a carbon-fiber lid, the Huayra Roadster sports a coupAi??-like appearance. Price tag?


    Ferrari 8122 superfast

    Meet the V12 Ferrari supercar that blasts up to 789bhp from a 6.5 litre engine. The car goes from 0-100kph in 2.9 seconds with a top speed of 340 kph. Needless to say the Ferrari looks absolutely stunning. The 812 will be displayed at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Price TBA



    D Link Omna Zyrtec on sale this week

    D Linkai??i??s Omna HD camera has 180-degree field of view and pairs with other home-kit enabled devices in your smart home. The video quality is a crisp 1080p, and push alert notifications are sent when movement is detected. The device also has two-way audio and night vision up to 16 feet in darkness. This device also enables live view with an app on your smartphone. dlink.com Canon



    A thin strip of LEDs fit in between the pavement may just save us all from getting run over in the future. Yes, we are all turning into ai???smartphoneai??? zombies where we choose to be occupied with our phone regardless of the surroundings. A town in the Netherlands has installed these ai???Lightlinesai??? at their pedestrian junctions to show you red/green even when youai??i??re staring at your phone.


    Canon EOS M 6

    Canonai??i??s new mirror-less camera has a 24.2 MP CMOS sensor, a Digic 7 image processor and ISO up to 25,600. You also get BT, NFC and Wi-Fi for photo sharing and remotely controlling the camera. The Dual Pixel AF system lets you 7stay in focus constantly.



    The Retroblox wants to be the Grand Master of video game consoles allowing you to play all formats of video games from old to new. It will have an optical drive for discs from the PS1 and Sega CD-era, cartridge slots, turbo chip slots, online full support and complete connectivity support for accessories. Sounds good. Price TBA. Coming soon.



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