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reebok-kevlarReebok Kevlar

Next year Reebok will debut a a�?bullet-proofa�? line of fitness gear composed of Kevlar. The material, apart from being bullet proof, is also extremely light and durable, ideal for workouts and runs.


Goal Zero 250 torchgoal-zero-250-torch
This torch has bright LEDs that can run on solar power, hand cranking or USB charging. It also has a USB port to charge other devices. The 250 is water resistant and produces up to 250 lumen of brightness. `4,880*. Goalzero.com

Sony-HDR-MV1-Music-Video-ReSony HDR MV1
Sonya��s Music-Video recorder is capable of recording studio-quality stereo sound and full-HD video simultaneously. Ideal for musicians and performers. `18,000*. store.sony.com

Kardon Nova
High performance 2.5 inch drivers and 1.25 inch tweeters ensure a rich sound experience every time you listen to these Novas. With connectivity ranging from Analog and optical, to BT and NFC, you can connect to just about anything. Available now in black and white. `19,990*. harman.in

vupoint-photo-cubeVuPOint photo cube
You can easily print photos wirelessly from your smartphone using the photo cube and a compatible app. A 4×6 inches photo comes up with up to 300DPI of resolution. It also charges smart devices via USB. `12,000*. amazon.com


Qi charging V1.2Qi-V-1
The WPC aka Wireless Power Consortium, has just announced Qi V1.2 which lets you charge Qi enabled devices up to a distance of 45mm without being directly in contact through Resonance Charging. The tech also allows multiple devices to be simultaneously charged and eventually pushes up to 2,000 watts to larger home appliances. Expect compatible chargers to hit shelves soon. Wirelesspowerconsortium.com

Transfer Case
Oakleya��s industrial design watch is made of 316L stainless steel and has a 45-month battery life. A sapphire crystal protects the case while Oakleya��s a�?Unobtainiuma�? rubber is used to make a superior strap. `38,000*. oakley.com


MB&F Starfleet MachineMB&F---Starfleet-Machine
This spaceship-cum-table clock has a power reserve of 40 days, looks totally out of this world and has a fantastic in-house movement. Limited to 175 pieces in a�?lighta�? and a�?darka�? versions. Approximately `19 lakhs. mbandf.com