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    The Fire TV stick connects via HDMI to your TV and lets you watch streaming channels as well as YouTube and music. Ita��s ideal if youa��re an Amazon Prime user, and streams instantly with no buffering delays. Therea��s also support for mirroring your Amazon tablet/phone and certain other Android devices on your TV. An optional game controller can be connected to let you play up to 200 titles. Pre-order now. Amazon.com

    HP-sproutHP SPROUT
    HP has an innovative All in one PC, which potentially
    lets you push the boundaries of desktop computing. Basically therea��s a 23 inch full HD touchscreen and an i7 processor with 8GB of RAM(expandable up to 16GB).
    But ita��s the 20 point touchscreen work mat illuminated
    by a DLP projector from atop the workstation that lets
    you create seamless magic by extending your screen
    on to the desk. Sprout.hp.com

    a�?Fitness Super watcha�? is what Fitbit calls this great looking device. Apart from tracking your daily activity, it measures your heart rate, monitors various sport activities and sleep, plus provides you with notifications and lets you control your music. Most importantly, it has a battery life of up to seven days! Coming soon fitbit.com

    Using Qualcomm quick charge 2.0 tech, this 15W rapid charger fires up compatible HTC phones and select other smartphones 40 per cent faster than conventional chargers. Price TBA htc.com

    This bluetooth speaker from Sony comes with a useful FM tuner with presets and NFC for added functionality. Therea��s also a�?Audio ina�� for other devices and a smart alarm with snooze. amazon.co.uk

    Keys to Go
    The Keys to Go works with your iOS device via Bluetooth and comes with a rechargeable three month battery. The durable Fabricskin repels, dust, dirt and liquids and comes in three vibrant colours, including black.Logitech.com

    PIXPRO SP 360
    Kodaka��s new action POV cam provides 360 degrees of HD video and takes cracking 16MP stills on demand. It also has burst shooting and time lapse. The cam is also shock/freeze/dust and water resistant and connects via wifi and NFC. Ita��s compatible with iOS and Android devices. kodak.com



    4025 PURIFIER
    This mini air purifier is perfect for the bedroom and filters out bacteria, allergens and other dangerous agents. Therea��s a sleep mode for night, which cleans ultra silently with dimmed LEDs. The advanced filtration system has an activated carbon filter, which traps larger particles and a HEPA filter, which filters finer bacteria and allergens. philips.co.in


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