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    Dolby Cinema
    Dolbya��s upcoming a�?Cinemaa�? theatres will transform your entire movie watching experience into an event. The signature entrances, dynamic audio/video pathways, premium seats, wall to wall to ceiling screens, Dolby Atmos sound and Dolby Vision projection with HDR will give you a truly cinematic ride. Opening soon in the Netherlands and Barcelona. dolby.com

    YotaPhone-2YotaPhone 2
    The second gen Yotaphone comes with a five-inch front screen and a 4.7-inch e-paper display on the rear. The rear screen can be used as an effective e-reader, notification display and a game screen. Available in the UK currently. yotaphone.com

    tommyhilfiger solarTommy Hilfiger Solar Jacket
    Tommya��s solar panel mountain coat for men and Polly Parka for women both house solar panels to store energy and recharge your devices via USB. uk.tommy.com

    Pinto is a Bluetooth wristband that allows you to store your data. You can access files on your PC/Mac/smart device without wires, USB or the internet. Ita��s also secure and comes in 32GB and 64GB sizes. Therea��s a wireless charging option with a wireless pad, and the band also happens to be water resistant. beanbeam.com

    Breathometer Breeze copyBreeze Breathometer
    Breeze uses a fuel cell sensor to deliver accurate results on your blood alcohol level if you blow into it. It connects via Bluetooth and runs on a coin cell battery. store.breathometer.com

    This router allows devices to securely access WiFi with a tap. No passwords and configuration required. It also uses 802.11ac for faster, more stable WiFi, with good signal strength. Still in Kickstarter stage. keewifi.com

    Bluetooth 4.2
    The next iteration of Bluetooth connectivity
    will be smarter, faster and consume much less power. Ita��s also highly secure with industry-standard encryption. Plus 4.2 devices will be able to connect directly to the internet. The first set of hardware with BT 4.2 is due to arrive in 2015. bluetooth.com

    This modular phone lets you personalise both hardware levels and software systems. So if you ever want to change only your battery or add more RAM or a better camera, or change software, this will be the way to go. Coming 2015. puzzlephone.com

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