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    Nikon 1 J5
    The 1 J5 can shoot ultra fast 20.8 MP stills and 1080/60p videos. It can also be paired with one Nikkor lenses as well as Nikkor DSLR lenses (with an adapter). The 1 J5 also has a 180 deg tilt touch screen, full manual control, WiFi and NFC. nikonusa.com

    AMAZON DASH button
    The Dash button will let you hang/stick or place it wherever you need it. Ideally, when youa��re running low of that specific product you simply press the button and Amazonwill deliver it to you. Popular brands include TIDE, Kraft, Gillette, Kleenex, Gerber etc. Works via WiFi. amazon.com

    Onkyo DAC HA 300
    If youa��re into hi-res music, this Onkyo DAC/headphone amp is a great option as it supports 192kHz/24-bit audio as well as 5.6MHz DSD playback via iOS and Android. It even works via lightning cables and OTG USB cables. With support for microSD cards, it acts as a portable, all in one, truly hi-fi player. eu.onkyo.com

    The Chromebit is a petite device which you can plug into HDMI equipped displays to turn them into computers. Running on Chrome OS all you need is a BT keyboard and a mouse and youa��re good to go. It includes 2GB of RAM and a 16GB SSD. Available soon. google.com

    Hue GO
    The HUE Go can be detached from the mains and shifted around your home/workplace as you like. Ita��s also wirelessly controlled by your iOS/android device via the app. Seven preset light settings lets you enjoy a variety of light options. Available later this year. 2meethue.com

    JIVR electric bike
    JIVR is an electric bike which folds and comes in a chain-less design. Weighing less than 15kg, the bike offers a 30 km range and goes
    up to 32KPh. jivrbike.com

    Tidal is a hi fi music streaming service as well as a a�?hi defa�� video streaming service. It is owned by several high profile musicians who aim to release new content and provide new artists a platform. Prices start from `630* per month for subscription. Available only in the US and UK for now. tidal.com


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