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    Panasonic Lumix G7
    The compact G7 lets you shoot 4k video and grab stills from it too. Available later in June.

    The Ecocapsule is a portable
    house offering off-grid capability
    in a compact eco-friendly package.
    It can house two adults and sports a kitchenette with water, flushing toilet and a hot shower. Ita��s powered by a built in wind turbine complemented by
    solar cells. Pricing TBA. For more
    info go to ecocapsule.sk.

    Peak Basis watch

    The Peak Titanium edition smartwatch is great for tracking fitness, sleep and heart-rate. Ita��s also crafted well and looks good for regular use. Lenovo-Cast_01`19,000* mybasis.com

    Connect wireless
    This wireless flash drive adds up to 64GB of storage to your smartphone and is portable and easy to use. The drive lets you access all your movies, photos, music, data etc. Upto 8 devices can be connected, with streaming from up to 3 devices simultaneously. `6899* for the 32Gb version at Amazon.in

    Lenovo Cast
    The Cast is a wireless hub similar to Googlea��s chromecast. It works with dual band Wifi, DLNA, Android devices, iOS devices, Windows 8.1 devices and supports Miracast too. lenovo.com

    Chris Burkard a��
    Adventure Photographer
    Chris Burkard is a self-taught Photographer who takes incredible images with an emphasis on the outdoors, surfing and travel. Have a look at his vivid collection at chrisburkard.com

    Google Photos
    Google photos promises to store all your photos in the cloud. Available for iOS, Android and the web. You can store up to 16MP photos and 1080p video. And ita��s free. Start uploading now to free up space on your device. Photos.Google.com

    Lenovo Smart Cast phone
    lenovo has just announced a phone that projects a usable virtual keyboard or a display on a wall as required. The display can replicate the phonea��s touchscreen, a keyboard etc. Coming soon.


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