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    Leica M Monochrom
    Leicaa��s Black & white master camera, the Monochrom, has a new iteration Typ a�� 246. A new 24MP CMOS full-frame sensor improves image quality dramatically. It also records 1080p video at 24/25 fps. `4.77 lakhs. leica.com

    Microsofta��s new search site just needs a pic with a face and can tell, using algorithms, how old the person a�?possiblya�? is. Now how much fun is that? how-old.net

    Navigation Gurus TomTom now
    have an action-cam called Bandit which not only records everything clearly,
    but also allows you to edit, share and connect seamlessly. A 16Mp sensor
    allows great stills and 1080p/4K footage. Ita��s also waterproof up to 50m.
    Packed with a GPS, gyro,
    barometer, motion and BT.

    Inox RED
    The super sturdy I.N.O.X. now comes in a red dialled version with a red rubber strap. If you want a sporty watch for
    rough use, this is it. victorinoxwatches.com

    The Powerwall is a battery intended
    for the home which charges either from Solar panels or from the grid. Since ita��s small, automated and easy to install ita��s ideal for every house. Multiple batteries may also be installed together for greater energy needs. Available in
    the US this summer. `2.2 lakhs
    for the 10kWh model.

    Sony Cassette/CD/Radio
    For all those of us whoa��ve still hung on to old cassettes, Sonya��s all-in-one CFD-S07CP may be a life-saver. It plays your old tapes, old CDs and even MP3s. Therea��s also an FM tuner and an Audio-in Jack. Remember a�?Mega Bassa�? ? It has that, too! sony.co.in

    Canvio Aeromobile
    This light and wireless SSD is portable and durable. Try the 128GB version. toshiba.com

    Porsche Design
    Timepiece 1
    Limited to 500 pieces, the Timepiece 1 is the first watch made by Porsche design and comes in a Titanium case with a Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement. Ita��s also COSC certified and costs only `3.5 lakhs. porsche-design


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