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    BeoPlay H8
    Bang & Olufsen’s H8 is a wireless BT
    headphone with incredibly advanced noiseBeoplay H8
    cancellation, ultra premium materials/
    comfort and outstanding sound. At 255
    grams, it’s super light, too. beoplay.com






                                                           GoPro Hero 4 Session
    One look at GoPro’s Channel on its website is enough toGoPro Hero 4
    see how fantastic the product is and the great options and
    quality of video it provides in extreme conditions. The
    HERO 4 Session is a small camera that takes mind-bending
    video up to 1440p/30fps, as well as 8MP stills with 10fps
    burst. It’s waterproof up to 10m, and files can be shared
    via wifi and BT. shop.gopro.com



    Adidas X Parley
    Adidas has created a shoe where the upper is made of
    yarns and filaments reclaimed and recycled from ocean
    waste and gillnets. The initiative led by Adidas and Parley
    for the oceans aims to end plastic pollution of the Oceans.
    More consumer-ready ocean plastic products will be
    available later this year. adidas.com, parley.tv

    Thom Browne sunglasses
    These handmade sunnies from Thom Browne are made
    in Japan from high-end acetate and titanium. The
    lenses offer complete UV protection and an anti-reflect
    coating. The removable side cup and the cable ended
    temples are unique with a crystal grey frame.

    Airman SEVEN
    Glycine makes brilliant watches, especially
    aviation ones. Their Seven displays three
    time zones of your choice in an original,
    aesthetic manner. Available in black and
    white, the 46mm watch has a sapphire
    crystal, Swiss automatic movement
    and is water resistant up to 200m.

    Olympus Air
    The Air is an open platform
    camera that aims to combine the
    high quality of interchangeable
    lens cameras with your
    smartphone. Features like optical
    zoom, incredible images in low
    light and shallow depth of field
    are at your disposal. Thanks to its
    wireless nature, you can place it
    just about anywhere and shoot
    using your smartphone.

    TL 3 Racing Simulator
    Whoa, this is the ultimate professional-level
    driving experience provider in a simulator.
    The machine gives you a totally
    immersive ride, which is realistic beyond
    imagination. motionsimulation.com

    MOS reach
    GO USB
    This power bank will charge your laptop
    at full speed and acts as a USB port. The
    device has a support for USB C laptops.
    Alongside charging, the GO will act as a
    USB hub to connect to and charge
    other devices. Coming soon.


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