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    Philips Projector – Screeneo
    Screeneo lets you watch visuals from 50 to 100 inches, even when placed just a few centimetres from the wall. Integrated subwoofer and loudspeakers let you enjoy clear and audible audio. Wifi, DLNA and BT let you transfer content from most smart devices. Therea��s also an option for an SD card, USB connect and antenna. Also miracast compatible. philips.com

    Davone speakers
    Davone speakersDavonea��s eight-inch woofer produces minimal distortion and highly accurate reproduction. The cabinet is baffle-shaped to provide a a�?more balanceda�? in-room response compared to regular tower speakers. Handcrafted in Denmark. davone.com

    Baume & MercierA�Shelby Cobra
    This limited-edition piece from Swiss watch maker Baume & Mercier is a tribute to the Shelby Cobra coupes of the a��60s. Available in 44mm, the majestic watch sports a chronograph, tachymetre and sapphire crystals on the front and back. A 42-hour power reserve and 50m of water resistance let you use the watch for work and pleasure. baume-et-mercier.com

    Terrafugia TFX
    The TFX aims to provide us with a flying car in the near future. Some of the obstacles it needs to overcome include: automatically avoiding air traffic, poor weather, and airspace that is restricted. It also promises to have emergency measures in place and a long flying range. You can drive it on roads, too, when the project is finally over. In the next eight to 12 years you can own one. Reservations now open. terrafugia.com

    LG Tone ActiveA�HBS 850
    LGa��s new premium wireless headset is durable with IPX3 water and sweat resistance. With multiple stabiliser tips and retractable earbuds, the Tone Active is available in a choice of bright colours. lg.com

    Gibson Trainer
    Gibsona��s Trainer headphones are aimed at active individuals, with features like LED lights on the back of the headband for night visibility, a secondary headband that keeps the trainer snugly in place and controls on the ear pad for play/pause, and to also dampen sound on demand.

    Garmin HRM Swim
    Are you an avid swimmer? Keep track of your heart-rate underwater with the HRM-swim, which can store and forward heart rate data to compatible devices. buy.garmin.com

    SamsungA�Galaxy A8Samsung-Galaxy-A8
    The A8 is a super thin (5.9mm)smartphone from Samsung with a 5.7 inch 1080p display. A 16MP camera and 2GB RAM teamed with a 3050mAh battery mean that you have a great phone in a slim package. To be launched soon.


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