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    Cocoon Tree
    Check this out. A cocoon tree, a spherical structure thata��s waterproof and lets you chill while being suspended from trees. You get options like a bed for two, a table for six or a beach mode sun bed. How cool is that? cocoontree.com

    Angry Birds 2
    Rovioa��s sequel to the incredibly popular Angry Birds promises to be bigger, badder and birdier. Available now in the App Store and Google Play. angrybirds2game.com

    Canon ME 20F SH
    Canona��s new 35mm camera will shoot in super dark settings, like the night sky. The modular camera is extremely versatile, with the full frame CMOS sensor going up to four million ISO. Available from December. usa.canon.com

    LGR Tangeri
    LGRa��s Tangeri sunglasses are so cool that Tom Cruise wears them on his latest MI: Rogue Nation. The sunglasses feature photo sensitive lenses which come with a gradient yellow tint that blocks out 100 per cent UV. The sunnies are also lightweight, carved out of hand made/polished cellulose acetate in Italy. Also look out for LGRa��s COMOROS, which Cruise wears during a bike chase! lgrworld.com

    Punkt MP 01
    It may seem strange but there are still some people out there who crave a basic, minimal-feature phone that looks good and is uncommon. The Punkt MP 01 allows you to talk, text, use an alarm and calendar. Thata��s it. To be out later this year. punkt.ch

    TEAC SL D 930TEAC SL D 930
    This 2.1CH BT speaker plays your CDs and radio. It also manages to look distinctly retro cool, like something from the 50s. teac.com

    LG Gentle
    LG has launched (in South Korea for now) a great looking flip phone with a 3.2 inch touch screen which runs on Android 5.1. All the bells and whistles are intact, powered by a 1.1GHz processor, 1GB RAM, dual cameras, 4G, BT, Wi-Fi, GPS and OTG. The phone is sure to have strong nostalgic support from memories of our yesteryears.

    Nokia OZO
    OZO is Nokiaa��s upcoming 360 degree virtual reality camera. The orb-shaped camera will record stereoscopic 3D video and spatial audio through eight shutter sensors and eight mics. For a demo, log on to ozo.nokia.com

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