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    14.1Pebble Time Round
    The new Pebble Time Round is super light and lets you see texts, calendar events and incoming calls, all at a glance on the always-on display. You get up to two days of battery life and up to 24 hours of charge in just 15 minutes. Available in five styles, with a choice of bands. pebble.com

    14.2Vertu Signature Touch
    Vertua��s new Signature is handmade in England and has a 5.2 inch screen made of sapphire crystal. The outer casing is made of Grade 5 Titanium, while a selection of natural hides and leathers are integrated into the body. The insides a�� consisting of a Snapdragon 810 processor, 4G ready network, a 21MP camera with 4K video, Android lollipop 5.1 and touch encryption a�� result in an exclusive yet safe phone. Releasing this month. vertu.com

    14.3FUCI bike
    FUCI is a concept bicycle with solar panels, GPS and proximity sensors built in. The E bike is powered by a Li ion battery and has a smartphone docking station. Though the bike may not go into production, it still looks great and is hopefully the sign of things to come.

    14.4Ecomill Treadmill
    How cool is a treadmill that is self-powered, featuring an onboard generator system that converts the usera��s kinetic motion into renewable energy for the electrical system. The electricity generated also powers the display and the USB charge station. Price TBA. woodway.com

    14.5Kurio Smart
    Kurioa��s Smart Windows tablet comes with INTEL inside, Office software and free unlimited storage on Onedrive. The Smart is aimed at children and comes with parental control and internet filtering. The 8.9 inch touchscreen is highly responsive and therea��s 1GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. With Wi-Fi, BT, micros SD slot, micro HDMI and dual cameras, this is a great bet. kurioworld.com

    Bloodhound SSC
    In case you havena��t already heard about it, the Bloodhound SSC is a 1,000mph(1,600kph+) car thata��s 13.5m long and uses jet plus rocket motors to produce thrust thata��s seven times more than all the cars taking part in an F1 race! The car also has three braking systems, seven fire extinguishers and 500 sensors. The Bloodhound SSC will aim to clear the 800mph mark in 2016 and the 1,000mph mark in 2017. bloodhoundssc.com

    Exo is a housing unit that provides shelter for up to four people within a climate-controlled environment. It is both durable, easy to store and easy to transport . The Exo provides LED lighting, four beds, four wall outlets for power, and temperature control with exhaust fans for circulation. The Exo can be used for disaster relief, human conflicts, displaced populations, temporary housing in remote areas, events, etc.

    The Batband is a bone-conduction headphone that looks like something out of the Star Trek movies. The sound waves are transmitted at a frequency that can be conducted through the skull bone. The Batband also allows you to take calls, get GPS directions, listen to audio while working out, and combines with VR devices. Available from 2016. studiobananathings.com


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