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Leaf USB


Leaf is an ultra small flash drive capable of rapidly boosting the speed of your computer and allowing it to process data more efficiently. Available in 8, 16 and 32GB variants soon. Kickstarter.com

Polaroid Zip Printer

The Zip is a compact instant printer that gives you 2a�?x3a�? full colour photos. With Zink printing therea��s no need for ink cartridge, ribbons or toner. Now available in multiple colours. iOS and Android compatible. Rs.8600. amazon.com

Chronos Smartwatch Disc

Chronos is a small button like device that attaches to the rear of your existing watch to provide fitness tracking and smart notifications. Pre-order now. wearchronos.com

Luma Router

Lumaa��s home router uses multiple access points to extend the reach of its wifi network. In a small apartment a single Luma works well. For a larger house, multiple Lumas can be linked for better range and signal. Everything is taken care of by a single app, which manages the set-up by itself. Getluma.com

Goodwell Toothbrush

This Toothbrush is eco-friendly and smart. The components are bio-degradable and therea��s an optional insert to track your oral activities via an app. Thegoodwellcompany.com. Coming soon.

Lytro Immerge

The Immerge is a light field camera which captures VR video. A five ring globe aims to recreate in virtual reality a near perfect recreation of the actual world. The Immerge system also has the advantage of being operated remotely. Available in 2016. Price TBA. Details: lytro.com

Xiaomi 1S Band

Xiaomia��s 2nd generation band will sport a heart rate sensor and will allow sleep and activity tracking. Ita��s water resistant and works with both Android and iOS . Available soon. mi.com

Sennheiser Orpheus

Sennheisera��s high-end headphones cost about Rs.30 lakhs. The new Orpheus is a revamped reissue of the famous limited edition Orpheus headphones. Features include a frequency response between 8Hz and 100KHz. A total harmonic distortion of only 0.01 per cent, 6000 individual components and only 250 pieces a year make this is a unique proposition to own. Available next year. Sennhesier.com


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