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Is there a shiny new gadget youa��dA� like to tell us about?

pg14-2ACAIA Pearl
The Pearl is a scale designed for coffee enthusiasts, which measures the time, weight and flow-rate as you brew the perfect cup. Because, for some, the perfect cup of coffee is everything. acaia.co





Xperia Ear
Sonya��s Ear reads out your texts, notifications, weather, etc.A� It also acts as a customised personal assistant upon setup. Meet the new a�?Hearablesa��. Coming soon. sony.com






Beartooth is a yet-to-be-released device that pairs with your phone to talk, SMS and use maps even in places where you have no service. You can talk up to 8 km and text/find location up to 16 km (provided the other person also has a beartooth attached to their phone). Ideal if youa��re off the grid often. beartooth.com


pg14-7Fossil Q Motion

Fossil launches its new activity tracker, which also manages to look fashionable. Therea��s sleep/activity monitoring, connection to iOS and Android, plus a super battery that lasts up to six
months. fossil.com



pg14-5Lumia 650
The 650 is a seamless Windows 10 mobile with great design. The crisp 5a�? OLED display, thin 6.9 mm profile and 16 GB memoryA�A� will go a long way in keeping you satisfied. Coming soon. microsoft.com





Saver Breath System
This unique device is a personal life-saving one designed to sustain an individual in the event of a fire and help you escape safely. The Saver filters chemical substances and removes CO2 and toxic gases for up to five minutes. mysafetyiq.com


pg14-4Panasonic Air Purifier (F PBJ30ARD)
Purifying an area of up to 215 square feet, this one has a filter that lasts for two years. It absorbs dust, odour and particulate matter of up to 2.5 microns. panasonic.in


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