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    Garmina��s vivomove allowsA�you to look good while stillA�tracking your multipleA�activities. The battery alsolasts up to a year whileA�tracking steps, calories andA�sleep and syncs to GarminA�connect. Available inA�multiple colours.buy.garmin.com

    Xperia xAXperia XA
    The XA has a 5inch border a�� less display
    maximising viewing size and comes in a
    variety of colours including rose and lime
    gold. An 13 mp camera takes super photos in
    low light and focusses incredibly fast. With a
    two-day battery life, 4g LTE and great looks
    this phone is definitely worth considering.
    Coming soon. sonymobile.com

    enclave audioEnclave Audio wireless
    This home theatre in a box is wireless and
    consists of six separate speakers with 14
    individual drivers providing 24 bit audio
    quality. enclaveaudio.com

    jacob_jensen monitorJacob JensenA�Air Monitor
    The Air Monitor measures the quality of air,
    especially particulate matter of PM2.5 size as well
    as Carbon Monoxide levels, NO2, Volatile organic
    compounds and provides you with an AQI (air
    quality index) as well as temperature and
    humidity. shop.jacobjensen.com

    sony nw a20Sony NW A20
    Sonya��s hi-res audio player Walkman is
    affordable. It sports a 2.2 inch LCD screen,
    plays hi res audio, upscales your existing
    music and streams via BT. Fifty hours of
    playtime and expandable memory ensure
    pristine music during those long
    commutes. Noise cancelling earbuds
    included. sony.co.in

    Rolls-Royce-Wraith-luggage-setRolls RoyceA�Luggage Set
    Rolls Royce has designed a
    suite of luggage to
    complement their Wraith
    motor car. The collection
    includes two Grand tourer
    Valises, three long
    weekender bags and a
    garment carrier (pricing
    mentioned is for the entire
    collection). press.rollsroycemotorcars.

    dp-x1 onkyoOnkyo DP X1
    Onkyoa��s portable Hi Resolution audio player connects via Wi-Fi and BT and has
    dual DACs and dual amps. It supports multiple audio formats including DSD and
    MQA. Therea��s 32GB of internal storage expandable up to 432GB with dual micro
    SDXC slots. You also get up to 16hrs of playback and direct access to hi res
    downloads and streaming via the OnkyoMusic app. onkyousa.com


    SeeNote airpaperSeenote Epaper
    If you like sticky notes, you’ll love
    Seenotea��s e-paper which can be
    placed anywhere and has an e-paper
    touchscreen. With a 30-day battery
    life and connection via BT and wifi,
    you can leave notes, maps,
    appointments and check status of
    your home. Just stick and restick it
    anywhere. Pre order now.

    -Ashok Pandian





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