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    This fantastic car may be shortA�on length, but it has the capacityA�to fit four individualsA�comfortably. Using concepts of
    aircraft space planning, accessA�through a single rear door andA�high ceiling in the centre, theA�Provocator is easy to drive, easyA�to park and can be used forA�business purposes like couriersA�and mobile stores as well.A�Coming soon. Mirrowcars.com

    Nissan X StorageA�gadgt5

    The X Storage is similar to Teslaa��sA�Powerwall and will be available toA�pre-order from September. The unit,A�when hooked up to the grid or solar
    panels, can charge when energy isA�either cheaper or renewable, andA�can release the energy whenA�demand/cost is higher.A�Nissan-europe.com

    This kickstarter project sounds great and isA�basically a device that captures solar energy andA�converts it into electricity used to treat water andA�make it safe for drinking. The battery also powersA�a hub that provides wireless internet up to 800mA�and a charging station for devices. PrototypesA�being tested in Africa currently. Indiegogo.com

    These smart trainers connectA�to your mobile phone, lettingA�you know your location andA�where you need to go. SensorsA�in the shoes buzz to let youA�know which direction to take.A�Under development fromA�airline Easyjet .A�Barcelonastreetproject.com

    This is an app-controlled scent dispenser whichA�aims to energise, relax and make you feel great.The smartphone app will control how and whichA�flavour of scent gets dispensed, according to yourA�needs. Cyrano is called a scent speaker. SomeA�olfactory notes include guava, peppermint,A�lavender and lilac. Onotes.com

    Garmina��s upcoming watchA�provides advancedA�running, swimming andA�cycling dynamics. ItA�measures heart rate,A�offers estimates of VO2
    max and lactateA�thresholds. Ita��s also aA�connected watch thatA�offers live tracking onA�demand. Make noA�mistake, the 735XT is aA�serious activity watchA�with state-of-the-artA�metrics. Coming soon.Buy.garmin.com

    Rapha SunglassesA�gadgt3
    Raphaa��s Pro Team Flyweight glasses areA�supremely light and comes withA�interchangeable hi-tech Carl ZeissA�lenses. Available in four frame coloursA�and four optional lens replacements,A�these glasses dona��t just look great oncyclists. Rapha.cc

    -Ashok Pandian




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