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    Mirrow Provocator
    This fantastic car may be short on length, but it has the capacity to fit four individuals comfortably. Using concepts of
    aircraft space planning, access through a single rear door and high ceiling in the centre, the Provocator is easy to drive, easy to park and can be used for business purposes like couriers and mobile stores as well. Coming soon. Mirrowcars.com

    Nissan X Storage gadgt5

    The X Storage is similar to Tesla’s Powerwall and will be available to pre-order from September. The unit, when hooked up to the grid or solar
    panels, can charge when energy is either cheaper or renewable, and can release the energy when demand/cost is higher. Nissan-europe.com

    Watly gadgt6
    This kickstarter project sounds great and is basically a device that captures solar energy and converts it into electricity used to treat water and make it safe for drinking. The battery also powers a hub that provides wireless internet up to 800m and a charging station for devices. Prototypes being tested in Africa currently. Indiegogo.com

    Sneakairs gadgt
    These smart trainers connect to your mobile phone, letting you know your location and where you need to go. Sensors in the shoes buzz to let you know which direction to take. Under development from airline Easyjet . Barcelonastreetproject.com

    Cyrano gadgt1
    This is an app-controlled scent dispenser which aims to energise, relax and make you feel great.The smartphone app will control how and which flavour of scent gets dispensed, according to your needs. Cyrano is called a scent speaker. Some olfactory notes include guava, peppermint, lavender and lilac. Onotes.com

    gadgt2Garmin Forerunner 735XT
    Garmin’s upcoming watch provides advanced running, swimming and cycling dynamics. It measures heart rate, offers estimates of VO2
    max and lactate thresholds. It’s also a connected watch that offers live tracking on demand. Make no mistake, the 735XT is a serious activity watch with state-of-the-art metrics. Coming soon.Buy.garmin.com

    Rapha Sunglasses gadgt3
    Rapha’s Pro Team Flyweight glasses are supremely light and comes with interchangeable hi-tech Carl Zeiss lenses. Available in four frame colours and four optional lens replacements, these glasses don’t just look great oncyclists. Rapha.cc

    -Ashok Pandian




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