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Philips SonicareA�PT ConnectedA�philips sonicare
This BT connected smart toothbrush givesA�you a clear picture of your brushing habits.A�It has location and pressure sensors toA�track brushing in real time, to focus onA�trouble areas and avoid missing spots.A�Coming soon. usa.philips.com

Sony ICF C1:A�Sony ICF C1

Sonya��s clock radio has aA�clever alarm with snoozeA�and adjustable brightnessA�for the display. It looksA�stylish and plays FM andA�AM with ease. It also hasA�battery backup for theA�clock in case of power
cuts. sony.co.in

PanasonicA�Solar LEDA�panasonic solar led
This LED lamp glows anywhereA�you take ita��fromA�six to 50 hours, dependingA�on the intensity youA�require. It utilises aA�detachable solar rechargingA�panel to power up, isA�water resistant and evenA�charges mobiles.A�mypstore.in

GettyA�Images VR
Getty Images has just madeA�more than 12,000 stock premiumA�imagery in 360 degreeA�form, and made them availableA�to the public via theA�Oculus VR platform and GearA�VR innovator edition. NewA�images will be constantly added,A�to get you into the midst ofA�the action in an immersiveA�manner. gettyimages.com

Suunto Spartan UltraA�suunto-spartan-ultra
Suuntoa��s ultra rugged new Spartan has a colourA�touchscreen with a controllable battery lifeA�option. The watch is ready for multi-sport andA�adventure activities, with features like richA�route navigation, compass, altitude and pressure.A�Therea��s also heart rate monitoring, GPS,A�specific tracking for various activitiesA�and 100m water resistance. Available inA�August. suunto.com

Photo Space is an iOS app designedA�to reduce space taken up on yourA�iPhone. The app optimises photoA�size by reducing file size on the
device while the full resolution versionA�is sent to the usera��s personalA�cloud account. This method canA�shrink up to 7GBs worth of photosA�to about 1GB. Available for free onA�the iTunes app store. avast.com

WithingsA�Body CardioA�

This new scale goes theA�extra step to monitor yourA�heart rate. It also measuresA�weight, body fat, muscleA�mass, bone mass and BMI. ItA�measures pulse wave velocity,A�too, which gives an indicationA�of your cardiovascularA�health. withings.com

Bose WaveA�Music IVA�Bose-wavemusicsystemIV
The Wave Music SystemA�IV includes a CD player,A�an FM tuner and an inputA�for external sources. Youcan also use an optionalA�BT adapter to connectA�wirelessly. The music isA�clear, accurate andA�enriched to fill an entire A�room. bose.co.in

-A�Ashok Pandian



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