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    Is there a shiny new gadget youa��dA� like to tell us about?A� Mail gadgetboy@newindianexpress.com

    GettyA�Images VR
    Getty Images has just made more than 12,000 stock premium imagery in 360 degree form, and made them available to the public via the Oculus VR platform and Gear VR innovator edition. New images will be constantly added, to get you into the midst of the action in an immersive manner. gettyimages.com

    Bose-wavemusicsystemIVBose Wave Music IV
    The Wave Music System IV includes a CD player, an FM tuner and an input for external sources. You can also use an optional BT adapter to connect wirelessly. The music is clear, accurate and enriched to fill an entire room. bose.co.in

    Avast PhotoSpaceA�Avast_PhotoSpace
    Photo Space is an iOS app designed to reduce space taken up on your iPhone. The app optimises photo size by reducing file size on the device while the full resolution version is sent to the usera��s personal cloud account. This method can shrink up to 7GBs worth of photos to about 1GB. Available for free on the iTunes app store. avast.com

    Philips Sonicare PT ConnectedA�philips sonicare
    This BT connected smart toothbrush gives you a clear picture of your brushing habits. It has location and pressure sensors to track brushing in real time, to focus on trouble areas and avoid missing spots. Coming soon. usa.philips.com

    Sony ICF C1A�Sony ICF C1
    Sonya��s clock radio has a clever alarm with snooze and adjustable brightness for the display. It looks stylish and plays FM and AM with ease. It also has battery backup for the clock in case of power cuts. sony.co.in

    Withings Body Cardio
    This new scale goes the extra step to monitor your heart rate. It also measures weight, body fat, muscle mass, bone mass and BMI. It measures pulse wave velocity, too, which gives an indication of your cardiovascular health. withings.com

    Panasonic Solar LEDA�panasonic solar led
    This LED lamp glows anywhere you take ita��from six to 50 hours, depending on the intensity you require. It utilises a detachable solar recharging panel to power up, is water resistant and even charges mobiles.

    Suunto Spartan UltraA�suunto-spartan-ultra
    Suuntoa��s ultra rugged new Spartan has a colour touchscreen with a controllable battery life option. The watch is ready for multi-sport and adventure activities, with features like rich route navigation, compass, altitude and pressure. Therea��s also heart rate monitoring, GPS, specific tracking for various activities and 100m water resistance. Available in August. suunto.com

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