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Rolls Royce
Vision Next 100A�Code named 103EX, RollsA�Roycea��s concept vehicle looksA�absolutely incredible. TheA�concept aims to define what RollsA�will be offering as luxuryA�mobility over the yearsA�to come. Details:A�rolls-roycemotorcars.com

MotorolaA�Moto ZA�moto z
The Moto Z phonesA�transform themselvesA�using Moto ModsA�(projectors, speakers,A�battery packs etc), have aA�shatter-proof display,aA�long lasting battery, turboA�charging and a crackingA�21mp camera. They alsoA�have fingerprintA�unlocking. Coming soon.A�motorola.com

To commemorate 30 years of great gamingA�ubisoft 30
experiences and titles, Ubisoft will be giving awayA�one free digital PC game every month, startingA�with Prince of Persia : Sands of Time, currently. LogA�on to 30years.ubi.com and get downloading.

OnePlus 3A�oneplus-3
You can buy this gem of aA�smartphone with all the bellsA�and whistles in place.A�Sparkling features include aA�16mp camera with OIS, 6GB ofA�RAM, Snapdragon 820A�processor, 64GB internalA�memory and a brilliant 5.5A�inch AMOLED screen to go.A�Details: amazon.in

Plume WifiA�plume
Plume is a wifi solution powered by theA�cloud to ensure a reliable and fastA�connection in every corner of your home.A�With Plume your Wi-Fi stays consistentA�from room to room utilising Plume PodsA�that plug into wall outlets. `15,700* for 6A�pods. Details: plumewifi.com

This automated folding machine will foldA�your linen perfectly each time and evenA�has the option of perfuming, softeningA�and treating them while doing it. PreordersA�2017. Details: foldimate.com

Logitech Party MiceA�logitech party mice
Logitecha��s party collection has mice that look eye-popping,A�soaked in bright designs with batteries that lastA�upto a year. The collection is compatible with all theA�operating systems . Details: logitech.com

xbox one sXbox One s
This new Xbox is 40 perA�cent smaller and is 4kA�ready with HDR built in. ItA�also comes with anA�enhanced Xbox wirelessA�controller with up to twiceA�the range. Coming AugustA�2016. microsoftstore.com




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