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    Hasselblad X1D
    The mirrorless X1D is ergonomic, compact and hand-made.The image quality delivered by the 50MP CMOS sensor is unbelievable with up to 14 stops of dynamic range. Hasselblad.com

    Sandisk iXPand caseA�sandisk ixpand case
    The iXpand memory case provides your iPhone(6/6S) protection as well as extra storage (32/64/128GB). Therea��s also an optional add-on 1900mAh battery pack (sold separately) which boosts battery capacity further. sandisk.com

    Pantech IM 100A�Pantech-IM-100
    Pantech is back with the IM 100, a 5.2 inch phone metal body phone with a unique scroll wheel for volume and scrolling through pics/videos. An optional speaker/wireless charger is also available. pantech.co.kr

    Xiaomi cycleA�Xiaomi cycle
    Xiaomi now has an electric foldable bike called the QiCycle. It comes with a 250W motor which lets you go up to 45 km on a single charge. Available in China. mi.com

    NIMB ringA�NIMB ring
    NIMB is a ring with a panic button that will notify family, friends or emergency services when you are in trouble. The situation can be an accident, a health issue, a personal attack or a natural disaster. Holding the button down for three seconds lets A�the message with your profile info and GPS coordinates reach your safety circle. kickstarter.com

    Yocam is a super small, waterproof action camera that shoots super steady video and provides HDR. Available in black and white soon. Pre-order Yocam standard bundle now. indiegogo.com

    Roost Water sensor
    Roost is a smart water and freeze detector that detects water leaks as well as zones of temperature extremes like freezing. Connecting via Wi-Fi the device alerts your phone if water is detected or humidity/temperature fall outside your preset levels. Coming soon. getroost.com

    WD Mypassport wireless ProA�WD Mypassport pro wireless
    This all in one wireless drive lets you store
    and stream all your media seamlessly and works with mobile devices via Wi-Fi. It also sports a SD 3.0 card and a USB 3.0/2.0
    reader for video/photo transfer at high speeds. A�Rs 15,500* for 3TB version. store.wdc.com

    -Ashok Pandian



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