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    Whyd Speakers4
    These unique speakers provide 360 degree sound which is clear and dramatic. The Whyd works with wifi BT and Airplay and is a great multiroom option. Available in five colours. whyd.com

    HP Sure View
    HP has introduced new laptops with enhanced Visual privacy where your screen appears dark to those around you, while you see it clearly. Featuring 3m tech this is available on the HP Elitebook 1040 and 840. There’s also a Secure Erase feature where you can destroy all data on hard drives/SSDs permanently. hp.com

    Omega Sunglasses2
    Watchmaker Omega has launched a range of fine sunglasses for men and women with materials and design inspired by Omega’s DNA. All sunglasses are made in Italy with complete UV protection and will soon be available exclusively in Omega boutiques around the world. omegawatches.com

    MOS pack1
    Featuring a built in charge station and internal cable, the MOS pack lets you charge USB on the go, with multiple adapters and pockets for all your travel needs. mosorganizer.com

    5Fujifilm XA 3
    The XA 3 is a retro-design mirrorless camera with a 24MP sensor and a traditional Bayer colour filter. The built in 3” LCD flips up by 180 degrees enabling selfies. With built in wifi, super macro full HD video and options of sliver, brown and pink colours, it will be available from October. fujifilm.com

    Garmin Fenix Chronos 3
    The new Fenix chronos comes with a sapphire glass screen and a durable metal body. It measures your heart rate, sends you smart notifications and has up to one week battery life. Other features include navigation, fitness tracking, activity tracking and a titanium version. buy.garmin.com

    6Xiaomi Redmi Note 4
    Xiaomi has just announced the Redmi Note 4 in China with a huge 4,100mah battery, 13mp/5mp cameras, metal unibody and fingerprint scanner. The display is 5.5 inch
    full HD. xiaomi.cn

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