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    Hasselblad V1 D Concept
    This modular concept camera from Hasselblad has a 75 megapixel square format body. The body carries fixings for modules on four sides. Optional modules could be displays, viewfinders, controls, grips. The idea is to have a highly personalised camera.

    mont-blancMont Blanc Augmented Paper
    With MBa��s augmented paper, notes and doodles which are written can be transferred to a mobile device seamlessly. Once on the device, it can be edited and shared or translated into digital text. Components include the electronic digitiser, a Starwalker writing instrument, a notebook and a USB cable plus refills and tweezers to exchange refills. Handwriting recognition is offered for 15 languages. montblanc.com

    lumix-lx-10Panasonic Lumix LX 10
    Armed with a 1 inch, 20 megapixel sensor, the LX 10 takes excellent images and shoots 4K ultra HD video. Therea��s also a tilt LCD that helps you shoot selfies, plus you can pick out images from your 4K video. shop.panasonic.com

    HomeStar Original
    From Sega Toys comes this high definition planetarium, with a rotating movement and ultra bright LED to project the night sky throughout the year. See up to 60,000 stars from the comfort of your sofa. segatoys.space

    Saleen S7 LMsalen-s7-lm
    This limited edition beauty will exceed 1,000 horsepower courtesy a
    hand-built 7.0L twin-turbo engine. Limited to seven production
    models, it might be hard to get
    your hands on one. saleen.com

    Harman Kardon Onyx Mini

    The Onyx Mini is a portable BT
    speaker that delivers great sound and portability while going for 10 hours on
    a single charge. The speaker also takes calls, and can connect wirelessly to another compatible mini, doubling the effect. Available in black, blue and grey. harmankardon.com

    oakley-rader-paceOakley radar Pace
    Oakleya��s smart eye-wear features a voice activated coaching system (in real time) to improve an athletea��s performance. The Radar Pace monitors your distance travelled by connecting your phonea��s GPS and studies your heart rate (if wearing BT monitor). The glasses also play music and control Siri. oakley.com

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