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    Inboard M12
    The M1 is an electric skateboard that comes with a remote via BT, and a built-in rechargeable battery, while reaching a top speed of upto 39 kph. inboardtechnology.com


    Dyson suspended lights
    These suspended Dyson lights can direct light to where its needed, to provide optimal visual conditions. Wastage of light is prevented, and strain on the eye is reduced, in addition to optimum power usage. The lights last for 30+ years, and allow for differential distribution. Price TBA. dyson.com


    Remarkable paper tablet3

    If you seek paper-like reading, writing and sketching on a tablet with digital capabilities, the Remarkable is an E-ink device with the most natural-looking display. The Marker is a super precise tool accompanying the tab, enabling the use of digital ink on the Remarkable. Ships 2017. getremarkable.com


    Electric objects 024

    E02 is a brilliant digital display designed to portray fine art, and can be installed easily on a wall. You can select from thousands of works of art from the app. Your personal artwork can also be uploaded. electricobjects.com


    Casio Exilim FR 110H

    Casio39ai??i??s new action cam shoots great pictures and video, even in low light. The cam is ideal for night safaris, cave exploration, diving and ghost-hunting. Other features include dust/shock/water-proof capabilities and a removable LCD screen. casio.jp


    Super 73 E-bike1

    This nifty e-bike is powerful yet nimble and cranks upto 1000 watts of power. The pneumatic tyres are ultra-wide and absorb shocks effortlessly, while you can go upto 50 km on a single charge. Top speeds upto 45kph. lithiumcycles.com


    Sony CAS 1 Purchase phexin tab 5

    The Sony CAS 1 is a high-resolution audio system with built-in dual amps to recreate a hyper-realistic and original sound space, which can be enjoyed via the speakers or a compatible headphone. sony.com


    Meizu Pro 6 Plus6

    Meizuai??i??s Pro 6 Plus is a cracker of a smartphone at 5.7 inches with top-notch features. It incorporates an Exynos 8890 processor for incredible performance, 128GB of UFS 2.0 storage with 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM. Thereai??i??s also an optically stabilised 12 MP camera, a heart rate sensor, hi-fi audio and a 3D press pressure-sensitive function. meizu.com


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