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    Sony Smartwatch 3
    With voice, touch and gesture input, Sonya��s 3rd smart watch looks great and feels light. It has IP 68 water resistance, BT 4.0, NFC and micro USB. While it works seamlessly with your android smart phone for calls, message and emails, its standalone features are cool too; like activity tracking and life event logging. Powered by Android Wear you can search, check weather, find your travel info and do other useful things. amazon.co.uk

    audioengine b2

    Audioengine B2

    Audioengine makes outstanding speakers and the new B2 is no exception. It allows you to wirelessly play music from any bluetooth device in pristine quality. The B2 has a hand-built wood cabinet, plays aptX and has a wireless range up to 30m. Available in three wood finishes. audioengineusa.com

    mi powerbank 16000mah


    Mi 16000maH Power bank
    Mi has released a slim 16000mAh power bank in China which holds upto 53% more charge than the 10400 mAh model available in India. Available in limited numbers in China for an introductory price of Rs.1000*. Leta��s hope we get it here soon.

    JBL_Horizon bluetooth clock


    JBL Horizon
    The Horizon is a bluetooth enabled clock radio from JBL that uses ambient light to wake you gently from your sleep. Along with it comes FM to rejuvenate you. It also has USB ports for charging your devices. Available in black and white later this year. jbl.com




    Sandisk iXpand
    This mini device is a great way to transfer data back and forth (photos and video) from your iOS device. It automatically copies photos and videos from the camera roll to the drive when connected via lighting connector. Available in 64/32/16GB sizes. Prices start from Rs.3600* . Sandisk.com

    SOny clock radio


    Sony Clock Radio
    Sonya��s innovative clock radio has built in nature sounds to keep you placid and shows you the room temperature at any given time. It also plays FM/AM with presets and has a 100 year calendar. You can also plug in your audio device via its 3.5mm mini plug. Store.sony.com


    kingston hyper x predator


    Kingston Hyper X predator
    Get this, the predator is a USB 3.0 flash drive with 240mb/s read and 160 MB/s write speeds. It comes in a whopping 1Tb version that holds all the data you need for now. Kingston.com. Get it at amazon.com



    Lighthouse 250 Lantern
    Goalzeroa��s 250 lumen LED lantern is bright enough to light up a room. It can recharge from USB, solar panels and hand cranks. Depending on brightness it can run from 2.5 hrs to 48 hours. goalzero.com


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